Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moonbat wins the Muzzie Award

This was just too good to pass up! I found this here.

This is another site that Alan Grayson does not care much for.

The nonstop hilarity from this loser is really sad when I think about it. Alan Grayson had better have a job lined up after this term is over.


  1. Anonymous00:29

    I hear he has a ton of money.
    He will not have to workf that is correct.

  2. Oh, I'm sure the cronyism will provide Grayson with something to do.

  3. I posted this some time ago at a site I write on. Grayson isn't my district(I have Corine Brown, yay) so I didn't focus it to him but it is appropriate.
    Congress, so easy Alan Grayson can do it.

    Go ahead and us it if you like.


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