Friday, April 30, 2010

Charlie Crist Translation Please

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I hooked up the Charlie Crist Translator for his announcement to run as an Independent.

Let us look at what the paper quoted him as saying.

Mr. Crist told supporters in his home town of St. Petersburg that his decision to leave the Republican party is "the right thing for America" and "the right thing for Florida."
Translation: It is about me! I am an opportunist and a RINO. I could not win the Republican nomination. By reading the tea leaves I figure I can win as an Independent because it is all about me.

"My decision to run for the U.S. Senate as a candidate without party affiliation says more about our nation and our state than it says about me," Mr. Crist said. "Unfortunately our political system is broken. I think we need a new tone in Washington." NYT
Translation: It's all about me now since Rahm Emanuel failed to call me back.

Where in the hell have we heard the term "New tone in Washington" before? If I remember correctly, talk like that landed us a socialist white house in 2008.

Do I look like a guy with plan?


  1. This dude just flushed himself. I can't believe he's going to run at all, unless it is his monstrous arrogance leading him to do so.

  2. I heard him make the remark that he was doing this so that "the people could decide". Funny! I thought that was what primaries were all about!


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