Friday, April 23, 2010

BoobQuake 2010

I wonder if the lady bloggers I know are willing to help out with proving Iranian cleric madman Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi wrong when it comes to scantily clad women. I personally could handle a quake like that. So let's see if the the Iranian madman is correct. Here is to Boobquake!

It starts on Monday

I am for proving the cleric wrong.

H/T my Wife.


  1. Umm ok......what now?

  2. Wait for the shaking?

  3. Here is to plate tectonics! I have cross linked, thanks!

  4. @USA, well your welcome, but all of the 3 people that follow my blog probably will not make a big difference! Have a great weekend!

  5. I loved the first comment over there. The display of boobage often makes my earth quake.

    Also your last line is a little mixed.
    I am for proving the whacked out cleric wrong.
    Should read.
    I am for whacking out proof that cleric is wrong.

  6. I enjoyed the boobquake and the wife material for sure. I always follow the bouncing ball, would say balls but then that my lead you to think something else, not knowing this old redneck.

  7. I already joined the facebook page earlier today lol.

    Heres the link. 109,000 confirmed already.!/event.php?eid=116336578385346&ref=mf

  8. If earthquakes are the consequences then we'll just have to man up and deal with it!
    No problem!

  9. Anonymous16:36

    Yeah boob quake

  10. The quake would only assist the jiggle. But, to think of what we face here:

  11. The girls are out and free today!! Viva La Boobs!!!!!!!


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