Friday, April 09, 2010

Alan Grayson = Asshole

This raving Moonbat needs to be shown the door and removed by his voters or, they are all as big a dolt as he is.


  1. He's one of those people who, much like Rep Hank Johnson (D-GA) who expressed his fears that Guam would capsize in a recent Congressional hearing, can't be taken seriously. NOBODY can take Rep Alan Grayson seriously - even though he does look a great deal like the animated character, Shrek.

    When I see him speak, it's as if Shrek's evil twin is out there ranting about absurdities.

    Alan Grayson rants about his love for the barack hussein obama regime and all that they do. The voters in Florida need to decide if that's who they want voting on their behalf in Congress.

    Grayson has one of the largest personal fortunes in Congress, which means that his understanding of the plight of working Americans is skewed. Wikipedia shows his net worth at over $30 Million. It would be nice to get people into Congress who can relate to the sort of every day problems that people deal with because of Congressional insanity.

  2. Spying on people?!? IS HE SERIOUS?!?

    It's not spying, asshole. If you were transparent with your voters as you ought to be, they wouldn't need to follow your every movement and go where you'd rather them not... BECAUSE YOU WOULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE!!!

  3. I look forward to your Stupak post.

  4. I'd like to believe he will be ousted, but some moonbats seem to live forever.

  5. Yikes...double yikes!

  6. Rep. Grayson debates an issue with other Congressmen.


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