Monday, April 05, 2010

After about 10 days of Vacation

I have returned, reinvigorated for the long fight for the November elections.

I was so relaxed that I did little blogging so I apologize for the neglectful absences from my favorite blogs.

I have a few pictures of where I rested my old carcass.


Quality Child Care was offered in the town center.


And one of the road home. It is my wife's phone. I would not own a pink phone.


  1. What a lovely place.

    I'm thinking of installing some of that child care for myself... ;)

  2. Anonymous14:16

    I need a vacation.

  3. Welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  4. Welcome back, indeed! If you're like most of us, you'll need the time now to recuperate from your vacation!

  5. ahhhhh, vacation. My last one was August 2008. I think I'm a bit overdue. lol

    Glad you had a nice time and the pics are fabu! Dont see stuff like that down here. Reminds me of up north.

  6. Glad y'all got some down time and good times :-)

  7. Ruv the child care looong time!!! In Norf Korea we refers to kids as "destroyers of fun".

  8. What Fuzzy said.


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