Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rasaan Shannon is not even a human being

I read about this story at CPDcoppurr's Blog and Old NFO's blog.

Meet a real life scum bag. This vermin's name is Rasaan Shannon. What ever justice is waiting for him at the end of his life just is not going to be justice enough. He is the very definition of a monster.

I never allow myself to think about why a cretin like this wanders the street looking for opportunities such as the one he took advantage of on May 27th. I had rather think about him paying for his crime beyond the fact that he is just another idiot who made a terrible choice. Now he needs to pay for it. Rasaan is just a bad animal that just needs to be put down. The sooner the better.

It was May 27. Cole was driving solo to a call of a robbery-in-progress, when he says a car crossed the median at South Halsted and 98th Street and T-boned his police SUV. The force of the collision subsequently threw his ride head-on into a pole.

"I hit my head on the roof of the Tahoe. And that's what I believe broke my neck," said Cole, in a voice hushed by the trauma of the accident, and the breathing tube now coming out of his trachea.

Although critically injured, Cole never lost consciousness after the accident. In vivid detail, he says he remembers everything, especially what happened next.

"Some kid from the gas station across the street ran across," Cole said. "Pushed me over and stole my gun. My wallet. Then kinda stayed in the vehicle and told me, you can't move. I'm gonna shoot you. I'm gonna kill you."

"He pushed me over. And moved me. He kept moving my head. So, in my mind there's a possibility he may have worsened my spinal cord injury."    SOURCE

Best wishes for Officer Cole and his wife.


  1. Anonymous13:16

    Ty you so much for posting this.......... Mary and Densey Cole have entered into the Ultimate wedding package with Crate and Barrel ....... If they win, they will FINALLY get the wedding and honeymoon of their dreams....... Please use the link below to vote for Mary and Densey and give them the much deserved Honeymoon and Wedding that was stolen from them by this MONSTER.

    Hugssssss and thanks so much for passing this along.....

    The link below is to vote for Mary and Densey. Thanks for all your support.


  2. Anonymous16:14

    It is time to put this scum down

  3. What a dirtbag.

    We've got Anthony Kirkland on trial right now. Look him up on Google; he's a prime candidate for the express elevator to Hell.

  4. Its just disgusting what people can do to each other. This scumbag needs to die.

  5. Brooke. I'll 2nd that. Talk about a defective organism.

    And I'm F* tired of hearing about repeat offenders. Especially registered ones.
    The legal system is not doing its job.

  6. Admiral, I've heard a lot worse, buy yea, this thing needs to be removed.

  7. If it looks like shit and smells like shit I hope like hell someone flushes this turd down....

  8. Sounds like the milk of human kindness curdled in this guy's veins!

  9. Reading this story made me feel ill. I think we should exile this Maggot's family to some third or fourth world shit hole.

    Rasaan Shannon has invalidated his entire family's right to being American.


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