Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paul Warner Powell Executed

Another in a long line of murderers that have been executed because they were monsters.

On Thursday night, more than 11 years later, Paul Warner Powell, 31, was executed in Virginia's electric chair. He was declared dead at 9:09 p.m. The Jan. 29, 1999, murder of one sister and the rape and near-slaying of the other in Manassas were among the most notorious crimes in the region's recent history.

And how did this turd face his final moments?

In the end, Powell was silent. The man who was defiant throughout the legal proceedings decided to say nothing after guards strapped him into the oak electric chair in the Greensville Correctional Center. He stared ahead when asked whether he wanted to say anything.     SOURCE.  

It is up to God where he is but I can only hope hell is too hot for him.


  1. Anonymous12:20

    Executions need to happen more and faster

  2. I'm all about the electric chair. Wish we had old smokey back.


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