Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joshua Maxwell Executed

Texas served up some justice tonight when they executed an animal that killed at least two people.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — An Indiana man whose cross-country crime spree with his girlfriend a decade ago ended in a gun battle with police in San Francisco was executed Thursday in Texas for killing a sheriff's officer.

Joshua Maxwell's voice broke as he apologized repeatedly in the seconds before the state put him to death by lethal injection for the October 2000 slaying of Bexar County sheriff's Sgt. Rudy Lopes.

"The person that did that 10 years ago isn't the same person you see today," Maxwell said. "I hurt a lot of people with decisions I made. I can't be more sorry than I am right now."

He said his execution was "creating more victims."

"This is not gonna change anything," he said.   SOURCE

Wrong asshole. Someone has some closure now. I hate it when these animals kill someone and think that their execution will not change anything. It does change things in the fact that there is one less murdering thug to provide medical care, food and shelter for.

A prior story about this animal and his girlfriend.  SOURCE


  1. Anonymous23:31

    Are you aware of the fact that each death penalty case in Texas costs the tax payer approximately $2.3 million, which is three times as much as the cost for keeping someone in a single cell at highest security level for 40 years? If you don't believe me, click this:
    So, the money argument doesn't count.
    By killing Maxwell, the government is not a bit better than those murderers on death row.

  2. Screw that. He was a piece of sh!t that deserved to die. All of them are Convicted Murderers sentenced to death. They new what they were doing and more than likely new they'd get the death penalty if they were caught. It didnt seem to deter their murdering ways.

    Lets make it personal...I suppose if one of them for instance raped and murdered your little girl or your mother you'd want to go hold their hand and tell them its ok you forgive them.

    I'd pay extra taxes to see these scumbags executed in under 5 years. At just under 25 million people in the state that works out to approx $.10 per person to cough up per execution according to your numbers on cost. I'd give up a Starbucks once a year to accomodate.

  3. Anonymous00:53

    You are arguing like a child. If someone murdered my mother I would not want to hold their hand but know that they are in prison for their whole life. How would I benefit from another person being killed?
    I'm not saying those people are innocent or should be released. But, according to your logic, if murderers should be killed by the government, does that mean that rapists should be raped by the government and thieves be stolen from by the government? What a mature way to deal with problems.

  4. Now if only California would take notice on how it's supposed to be done.

  5. So the gov't isnt mature because they set laws and if you break those laws you pay a consequence?? The consequence for murder is death. Its pretty simple. And an eye for an eye may not be enough in some of the cases. I would love them to suffer 10 fold. You'll never convince me otherwise.

  6. actol:

    Your opinion about who is better (the state government or the murdering thug) is just silly. If the murdering thug had not murdered he may still be hanging out with his family not causing you sleepless nights about the injustice of his actions and his paying for those actions.

    Yes I am aware of the costs. A bullet and a pit would be cheaper also. It is also what they deserve.

    I do not want to spend a dime to keep them locked up for the rest of their miserable lives so you and your ilk can have a clear conscience. If my tax money is going to be spent then I want it spent on executions. What is the wisdom of keeping a murdering piece of human garbage alive for forty plus years? That is money poorly spent when others would benefit more than the murderers would.

    If you commit murder then you should be executed within five years. How much money would that save in legal fees, court costs and transportation fees? We pay for that too.

    Your argument and your link are weak.

  7. Stop bashing the condemned. Even dough I'm in favor of the deathpanelty, he has now paid his debt to society. End of story.

  8. Some crimes are so heinous that death is the only restitution. Even then, it may not be truly enough.

    The fact that this dirtbag claimed his execution is only 'creating more victims' is absurd. HE created actual victims. He's a rabid animal, not a victim.

    What he said proves he isn't sorry, not one bit.

  9. Execution is called capital punishment, not capital deterrance or capital conscience clearing or anything else. There are crimes that are considered worthy of death. Society has so deemed them. So be it. The death penalty used to be a deterrant when it was carried out in public, within a short time after the suspect's trial and subsequent guilty verdict. It is supposed to demonstrate the triumph of justice over evil.
    Actoll, you're trying to introduce a childish, bizarre comparison that has no basis in our society, nor in our legal system nor in rational thought. It doesn't work - you should be smarter than that.

  10. Anonymous08:40

    As a Correctional Officer I walked among these animals for ten years.Most of them need killed asap

  11. Anonymous18:25

    Peedee for president and Fuzzys Dad for VP!!!

  12. Wow Josh! you really fucked up. I never thought you'd ever take things so far. And for a female?! WTF? U actually came from a good family. You were a good protector, friend and father figure to my friend's 3 year old little girl. how could u be such a fuck up? You were never into drugs. Just weed. But you do go crazy over a piece of ass. Taking lives over a girl who couldn't make it in a strip club? You robbed her money man, killed him and even tried to clean up the basement after it all happened! How could you not even think about the families you have hurt? When I lived with u ang Jen you were so cool. You were a normal 21 year old guy. A little possessive but not any more than anyone else at that age. Well, goodbye forever.

    yes, ppl I knew Josh personally. He wasn't a crazed psycho lunatic but he was a sucker for the chick who led him into the weeklong crimespree that they have gone through to get where they are. I am in no way mourning or grieving, just shocked that these two have done the things they have and even more shocked that I know someone who has been executed by the state! I think all this happened when Josh was 22, and his girlfriend at the time was younger than that and she has left behind a child.
    Desperate people do desperate things I guess.

  13. I just want to say, that I understand how all of you feel. I too was calling men who did this horrible monsters who deserve to die. We all think things are different until it happens to you.
    I knew Josh, VERY WELL. I knew him before this began. In fact, I was told later that he and his gf (I will keep names out of it) tried to find me. He told me that he knew if he could find me it would have changed his life, because he knew I was not the type of person who would have allowed him to break the law. He wanted to be a better person when he was with me. We were good friends, and lovers for a short while. I saw the man beneath the monster and that person had been broken and abused, he was a gentleman and he had a heart. I do not know what caused him to snap like this, perhaps it was me leaving that started the downward spiral, I honestly do not know. But I know that the person I knew was not this monster as you all call him, and yes he did some horrible things, and many people's lives were changed by the events that unfolded in 2000. But he was not always a killer. He was a son, a father, and a friend. He may not have been perfect or the best at everything, but he was great at being a friend, and he had amazing talents. His life took a terrible turn, for the worst, but he was not always a monster. Please try and remember the person, not just the actions. I know it is hard, but until it is someone you loved, you could never understand how this feels for those who loved him.
    I know there are a lot of people in pain from this, and I pray for the families. Nothing can change what happened, it is a sad situation for everyone.

  14. very sad thing. for both side. those that loved him and those that he took the lives of those that they loved. call me old-school, but I feel meeting people the way the two men killed met them is wrong. internet has brought a lot of evil into the world we live in, even the chat lines and newspaper ads used are not safe.
    just1braybray, your saying he went down the pathway he did because of a woman is not fair. he had his choices. despite her being a very pretty/attractive girl, not the only one out there. like princessG269 said they were lovers, a good looking well spoken, confident man like josh wouldn't allow a woman streamline him into what he did. he simply didn't want to fit into the normal way of living.
    as for the death penalty/executions, I am all for it.


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