Friday, March 12, 2010

Does she sound like a frickin IDIOT. . .

... or not?

She sounds completely incoherent to me. Is this what the democrats really want us to see leading them in the House?


  1. Apparently so. I like her being there. And the dumber she sounds, the better I like it.

    Until November, and then she can dry up and blow away for all I care at that point.

  2. Yes, November should be very interesting unless Teh One finds some way to suspend the elections.....

  3. all said with a plastic smile upon her face!

    come november- i'm sure obama will have acorn (or whatever the new name is now) up and functioning at full speed along with illegals granted with the right to vote....
    if not november then by 2012 for sure.
    mark my words -

  4. And she looks like one too!

  5. She has a painting in the attic that looks more virtuous and beautiful every day!

  6. Fricken Idiot? Well, that's being nice eh wot?

  7. Anonymous08:38

    She sounds like a frickin IDIOT!

  8. Anonymous11:19

    She's on drugs and by "drugs" I do mean plural.

  9. The Botox has obviously gone to her brain.

    Politicians drive me crazy. They can talk forever, and say nothing at all.

  10. If we do not get people like this out of power, we are so screwed...


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