Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Census Forms

Be careful what information you give the census.

My Answers:

      1.  03
      2. No additional people.
      3. Owned by Me
      4. Phone Number; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      5. Full Name; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      6. Male
      7. Age and Birth Date; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      8. No
      9. American
      10. No


  1. Just got mine; a short form.

    Although I don't want to pay a fine, I certainly don't want to give out the info.

    Funny how the gov't feels it must THREATEN us to get this info. I wonder why they want it SO badly?

  2. Anonymous15:34

    I am happy to report that I got a letter from the census bureau informing me that I will be receiving a letter from the census bureau soon.

  3. Anonymous15:34

    I agree none of their business.

  4. Due to my age, I have some memory relapses. That's my excuse (if they ask) and I'm sticking to it.

  5. I just put down 03 in the count, folded it up, and mailed it back. We'll see if some acorn goon shows up. "If I was going to tell you that I would have put it on the form. Go away."


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