Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Franklin Dewayne Alix Executed

Texas serves justice yet again by removing another career criminal forever.
HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- Condemned prisoner Franklin Dewayne Alix was executed Tuesday evening for fatally shooting a Houston man during a robbery.

Alix, 34, received lethal injection for the slaying of 23-year-old Eric Bridgeford, who interrupted Alix as he robbed the apartment of Bridgeford's sister. The sister also had been abducted and raped in what authorities said was part of a six-month series of crimes by Alix more than 11 years ago.

The execution was the fifth this year in Texas, the nation's busiest capital punishment state.

"I'm not the monster they painted me to be," Alix said from the death chamber gurney, saying he "messed up and made poor choices." He denied responsibility for several rapes and said he "did no drugs."

"It is what it is," he said. "I've got peace in my heart."

Seven minutes later, at 6:20 p.m. CDT, he was pronounced dead.  SOURCE

Now the victims family and Texas can breathe easier because a monster will no longer prey on law abiding citizens.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Any doubts left Obama is an anti Semite?

This story will change your mind.  H/T The Busted Nut.

The great socialist Obama does his part proving it with this. H/T Fuzzy's Dad.

Kool-Aid drinkers need to know that change will come yet again in November. Big Change for the socialist turd currently inhabiting the White House.

The Friday Pinup

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paul Warner Powell Executed

Another in a long line of murderers that have been executed because they were monsters.

On Thursday night, more than 11 years later, Paul Warner Powell, 31, was executed in Virginia's electric chair. He was declared dead at 9:09 p.m. The Jan. 29, 1999, murder of one sister and the rape and near-slaying of the other in Manassas were among the most notorious crimes in the region's recent history.

And how did this turd face his final moments?

In the end, Powell was silent. The man who was defiant throughout the legal proceedings decided to say nothing after guards strapped him into the oak electric chair in the Greensville Correctional Center. He stared ahead when asked whether he wanted to say anything.     SOURCE.  

It is up to God where he is but I can only hope hell is too hot for him.

About the talking points interview the Obama gave FOX News

He should be called the stammerer in chief.

He was stumped numerous times. He defaulted to talking points.

The clueless marxist has no clue what is in the bill that will bear his name if it even passes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change you can Believe in?

It was a hope for more transparency that you could believe in.

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

It ain't happening with the Marxist/Socialist in the White House. Transparency is not what he is about.

WASHINGTON (AP) - One year into its promise of greater government transparency, the Obama administration is more often citing exceptions to the nation's open records law to withhold federal records even as the number of requests for information decline, according to a review by The Associated Press of agency audits about the Freedom of Information Act.

Among the most frequently cited reasons for keeping records secret: one that Obama specifically told agencies to stop using so frequently. The Freedom of Information Act exception, known as the "deliberative process" exemption, lets the government withhold records that describe its decision-making behind the scenes.  SOURCE

Lawrence Reynolds Jr. Executed

Ohio serves up some Justice.

LUCASVILLE, Ohio — A death row inmate who tried to kill himself last week by overdosing on pills as his legal challenges dried up was executed Tuesday for robbing and strangling his neighbor in 1994.

Lawrence Reynolds Jr., 43, was executed by lethal injection at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility nine days after prison guards found him unconscious in his cell.

Ernie Sanders, a spiritual adviser who met with Reynolds in prison, said Reynolds wanted to die alone, not in the state's death chamber.

"He just didn't want his last act of life to be what he considered to be a sideshow or a circus," Sanders said.

Reynolds became the fourth inmate to die by Ohio's new lethal injection procedure, which uses one drug instead of three. Like the others, his death came quickly.

Reynolds was convicted of killing Loretta Foster, a 67-year-old widow who baby-sat children in her neighborhood and lived three doors down from him in Cuyahoga Falls near Akron.

Prosecutors said Reynolds was an alcoholic who was out of work and needed money for booze. He forced his way into Foster's house, strangled her with rope and left with $40 in cash and a blank check from her purse.

"I came in like a lion and go out like a lamb," Reynolds said in a brief final statement while lying on the gurney.

Addressing two women he didn't identify, he said, "Erin and Emma will forever and always hold the heart of the lion."    SOURCE

You can tell whether or not a killer is remorseful by his final statement. This toad's day of playing lion are over.

Census Forms

Be careful what information you give the census.

My Answers:

      1.  03
      2. No additional people.
      3. Owned by Me
      4. Phone Number; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      5. Full Name; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      6. Male
      7. Age and Birth Date; Blank;  (None Ya Fricken Business).
      8. No
      9. American
      10. No

Monday, March 15, 2010

An indication

Of how things will be for the democrats in November?

I know everybody has posted this picture, but damn, it says it all.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joshua Maxwell Executed

Texas served up some justice tonight when they executed an animal that killed at least two people.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — An Indiana man whose cross-country crime spree with his girlfriend a decade ago ended in a gun battle with police in San Francisco was executed Thursday in Texas for killing a sheriff's officer.

Joshua Maxwell's voice broke as he apologized repeatedly in the seconds before the state put him to death by lethal injection for the October 2000 slaying of Bexar County sheriff's Sgt. Rudy Lopes.

"The person that did that 10 years ago isn't the same person you see today," Maxwell said. "I hurt a lot of people with decisions I made. I can't be more sorry than I am right now."

He said his execution was "creating more victims."

"This is not gonna change anything," he said.   SOURCE

Wrong asshole. Someone has some closure now. I hate it when these animals kill someone and think that their execution will not change anything. It does change things in the fact that there is one less murdering thug to provide medical care, food and shelter for.

A prior story about this animal and his girlfriend.  SOURCE


Through an electron microscope.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Charlie Crist is on a slide.

Going down like an express elevator to hell!

For Charlie Crist, it's all crumbled apart so quickly.

In 2008, Florida's governor was rumored to be a top contender to run with John McCain. A year ago, his poll numbers were in the stratosphere. And when he announced last May that he would give up the governor's mansion after one term to run for the U.S. Senate, he held a 35-point advantage over his opponent for the Republican nomination, Marco Rubio.

Hasta la Vista Charlie. Time to depart the Florida public service scene. I hope Obama has a job for you.

"Not one survey in eight weeks has shown a single positive movement for Charlie," says Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist in Florida who doesn't work for either candidate. "Rarely have I seen a collapse that has been so broad or so sudden."   SOURCE

It makes me think some is wrong with him given his preoccupation of Marko Rubio's back waxing.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Rasaan Shannon is not even a human being

I read about this story at CPDcoppurr's Blog and Old NFO's blog.

Meet a real life scum bag. This vermin's name is Rasaan Shannon. What ever justice is waiting for him at the end of his life just is not going to be justice enough. He is the very definition of a monster.

I never allow myself to think about why a cretin like this wanders the street looking for opportunities such as the one he took advantage of on May 27th. I had rather think about him paying for his crime beyond the fact that he is just another idiot who made a terrible choice. Now he needs to pay for it. Rasaan is just a bad animal that just needs to be put down. The sooner the better.

It was May 27. Cole was driving solo to a call of a robbery-in-progress, when he says a car crossed the median at South Halsted and 98th Street and T-boned his police SUV. The force of the collision subsequently threw his ride head-on into a pole.

"I hit my head on the roof of the Tahoe. And that's what I believe broke my neck," said Cole, in a voice hushed by the trauma of the accident, and the breathing tube now coming out of his trachea.

Although critically injured, Cole never lost consciousness after the accident. In vivid detail, he says he remembers everything, especially what happened next.

"Some kid from the gas station across the street ran across," Cole said. "Pushed me over and stole my gun. My wallet. Then kinda stayed in the vehicle and told me, you can't move. I'm gonna shoot you. I'm gonna kill you."

"He pushed me over. And moved me. He kept moving my head. So, in my mind there's a possibility he may have worsened my spinal cord injury."    SOURCE

Best wishes for Officer Cole and his wife.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Murderer Lawrence Reynolds Jr. tried to opt out of his own execution

Scumbag tries to cheat his own execution.That just will not do. He received a fair trial and now get his proper execution about seven days later.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Gov. Ted Strickland on Monday postponed the execution of a convicted killer who managed to take an overdose of pills in his death row cell and was found unconscious just hours before he was to be driven to his execution.

Lawrence Reynolds Jr., 43, who was sentenced to die for killing his neighbor in 1994, was found unconscious around 11:30 p.m. Sunday at the Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown, prisons spokeswoman Julie Walburn said. He was alone in his cell on death row, she said.

Reynolds, who was scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday, was showing signs of consciousness Monday at a Youngstown hospital, but medical staff weren't prepared to release him, Walburn said. He was upgraded from serious to stable condition.

The inmate managed to take the pills despite being under a death watch — routine for inmates 72 hours away from being executed — and frequent monitoring by prison guards, Walburn said. She did not say what kind of pills they were or how he got them, and an investigation is under way.

She declined to call it a suicide attempt. Strickland issued a seven-day reprieve and rescheduled the execution for March 16.  SOURCE

He does not look like the criminal mastermind type either but he did get the pills from somewhere.

What is seven more days after a fourteen year wait anyway?

Things are different in Florida

Now, I have heard it all. I really thought you would need more room.

A woman who shaved her bikini area while driving caused a car crash in Florida Keys, prompting police to issue fresh warnings about safe driving, MyFox National reported Monday.

Megan Mariah Barnes, 37, crashed into another vehicle on Cudjoe Key after giving her ex-husband the wheel as she shaved her private parts.

Barnes was driving to meet her boyfriend in Key West and told authorities she wanted to be “ready for the visit,” reported. SOURCE

That is why living in Florida is such a treat. You never know what some crazy person will try to do.

A Public Service Notice

And we know who we are too.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

A screed on Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist can really tell some whoppers. He is an eviro-weenie and Florida does not need him representing us, EVER. His term as Governor was quite enough.

Whopper number 1 - 3:

“I won’t go negative in this race, that’s not my nature, but by the same token, I will not let [Rubio’s] façade continue,” Crist says. “When this guy calls himself the real conservative in the race, I’ve got to point out that it’s the opposite. If you look at the expense reports from his GOP credit card, it is easy to see that he’s not conservative, but one of the most irresponsible spenders I’ve ever seen. He talks about how we need to spend less in Washington, but he sure seems to like spending other people’s money.”

Whopper number 4 - 6:

“I’m a true-blue Reaganite Republican,” Crist says. “To think this guy is close to that, if you look at his record, is silly. It’s just a matter of people doing their homework, and I think the real education is just beginning. Before people get pulled away and lured by a mere impression, rather than seeing the reality of the candidates, would be a real shame. The voters deserve to be better informed, to know the facts. My opponent and I are polar opposites when it comes to who is really frugal. His statements are just unbelievable.” SOURCE

His belief in himself that he is a Reaganite Republican makes me wonder what hell he has been drinking before the interview.

After his term as Governor, Charlie Crist is the greatest fraud perpetrated on people of Florida. He will not get to be the same fraud for the state of Florida as a senator either.

I have discovered a new diversion

I have been watching the HBO series Rome, one episode a night on DVD and it is pretty interesting. The story is not bad either. The treachery level in this set of shows is everywhere. It is humorous listening to Romans with English accents though.

If you don't mind the adult themes it is an interesting diversion for an hour in the evening.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It has begun

Will the democRATs pass this monstrosity for the fascist leader?

It will be an unending nightmare for your children and grandchildren.

Michael Sigala Executed

Texas serves up some justice.

The state of Texas has executed a Dallas-area man convicted of fatally shooting a Brazilian engineer.

Thirty-two-year-old Michael Sigala received a lethal injection Tuesday night for the August 2000 fatal shooting of 28-year-old Kleber Santos, whose job had brought him to Texas shortly after he was married. Santos' wife was also killed in the attack at their apartment in the Dallas suburb of Plano.

Sigala was charged with the wife's slaying but was not tried. SOURCE

Monday, March 01, 2010

Been Busy

It is quite a job moving my stuff into a new computer.

Cleaning out the old hard drive.

A nice picture of Naval Station Mayport in 1961.

Executions for the month of March

2 TX Michael Sigala
9 FL David Johnston
11 TX Joshua Maxwell
16 OH Lawrence Reynolds
16 AR Jack Harold Jones Jr.
18PARichard Baumhammer
18VAPaul Powell
24TXHank Skinner
30TXFranklin Dewayne Alix

Where are the Photo credits?

I find most the images uncredited on random sites, but I will add credits if someone lets me know who the has the rights to the image.

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