Saturday, February 13, 2010

A terrible story with a worse ending.

A senseless act with a lifetime of consequence.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police announced early Saturday that they have charged two University Christian School students in Wednesday's slaying of their 17-year-old classmate, Makia Coney.

Charles Roy Southern, 17, and Connor Julian Pridgen, 16, turned themselves in Friday night. After being interviewed by detectives, each was charged with one count of murder.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Larry Schmitt said Southern and Pridgen left campus about 3:15 p.m. with Coney in their pickup truck. After riding around, they went to a secluded area off Powers Avenue about 3 miles from the school.

Schmitt said each of the boys shot Coney in the head.

Police said the boys returned to University Christian campus by 4:15 p.m., about an hour before Coney was reported missing. About two hours later, a bicyclist reported seeing the body in a drainage ditch along Powers Avenue, not far from Wolfson High School.

Schmitt said the pair were friends of Coney. While police said they both admitted to killing Coney, there was no clear motive for the crime. Schmitt said there was no indication that the victim was sexually molested. Read the rest of the story here.

Should the murderers be tried as adults? Yes. Should they be given the death sentence? Yes.

If they go to trial as adults, get the death sentence it will be a notice to all would be murderers that there are extreme reactions for their murderous behaviors regardless of their age.


  1. First soften them up with a nine-month stay in the same cell as Bubba the Butt Ape. Then hang them.

  2. These no good bad A$$ kids need to me made an example of for other kids to see. Other kids need to be deterred somehow. These kids and our society is morally bankrupt. These screwed up kids do need a stay with Bubba. They definitely deserve the death penalty.

  3. Anonymous17:22

    Shoot them in the head

  4. They are old enough to know the finality of their act and should be dealt with accordingly!

  5. Sorry to say I agree. String 'em up.

    What a waste of 3 lives.

  6. Anonymous11:06

    A horrible story indeed. Make me think they have no souls.

  7. They should absolutely be shot execution style.

    I agree with Russell. They're old enough to do the crime, then punish them accordingly.


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