Thursday, January 07, 2010

Kenneth Mosley Executed

Texas serves up some justice by executing a parasite.

HUNTSVILLE — A man convicted of gunning down a Dallas-area police officer during an attempted bank robbery was put to death Thursday evening in the first execution of the year in the nation's busiest death penalty state.

Kenneth Mosley, 51, was condemned for the February 1997 slaying of David Moore, an officer in the Dallas suburb of Garland. His lethal injection was carried out after his legal appeals became exhausted.

The punishment had been stalled twice last year by technical issues and court appeals.

Mosley shook his head once when asked by a warden if he had any final statement. As the lethal drugs began taking effect, he snored a few times, then gasped slightly. Nine minutes later, at 6:16 p.m. CST, he was pronounced dead.

Moore's widow was among the people in the chamber to watch Mosley die. He did not acknowledge her presence.

Earlier this week, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles denied his request for clemency.

Texas put 24 convicted killers to death last year, accounting for nearly half of the 52 executions carried out in the U.S. Another convicted killer was scheduled to be executed in Texas next week.

Moore, 32, was killed while responding to a 911 call about a bank robbery. The 10-year police veteran and father of three was shot four times after he approached Mosley, who was standing in line to get to a teller. A bank employee had called 911 after recognizing Mosley as the man who robbed it more than month earlier.  CHRON


  1. Anonymous11:14

    The rest of the states need to take a lesson from Texas.

  2. God bless Texas! And fuzzy's dad, I couldn't agree with you more!

  3. Anonymous20:00

    Good riddance!

  4. They should do what the English did hundreds of years ago. After a public execution, tar the body of the offender, bind it in iron bands or chains and display the decomposing corpse by the front doors of the bank as a warning to all who would dare commit the same crime.

    A robust automatic air freshner would be required also.

  5. I'm with Nickie! Good riddance! No sympathy for that guy.

  6. I'm with sig. And the execution needs to be done much sooner. None of this 10-15 year waiting period. Do it within a year of the crime and I BET it would work as more of a deterrant.
    pffft. Who am I kidding?? That would be too smart.

  7. Texas is wonderful! I love how Texas lets criminals know that the state means business when protecting citizens from crime. I will keep Moore's family in my thoughts and prayers.


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