Tuesday, January 19, 2010

“He’s not pleased.”

The Socialist Overlord with many, many, many Czars it seems is not pleased. The populace wherein dwells the blue, blue, blue liberal land are rebuking "Teh One's" misguided monument to himself called "ObamaCare". The power grab of about one sixth of the U.S. economy along with endless government controls in this bill is enough for even the imbeciles (in the context that they managed to vote and keep Ted "The Dead" Kennedy in his senate seat for 46 years) to decide that Teh One's brand socialism is too much, even for them. It speaks volumes about the referendum on Teh One and his joke of an administration. The democRATs will pay dearly at the end of 2010.

On to the story of Teh one's woe:
President Obama is both surprised and frustrated by the closeness of the race in Massachusetts, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Tuesday.

Asked by CBS News correspondent Chip Reid whether the president had expressed any surprise or frustration about the closeness of the race in Massachusetts, Gibbs admitted that Obama was not happy with the current state of play in the Bay state.

“Yes. He was both surprised and frustrated,” Gibbs told the assembled reporters at the daily White House briefing. Asked if the president was angry, Gibbs replied: “He’s not pleased.”

Teh One is displeased? Be still my heart. Gibbs is a big pile of turkey dump and an average mouth piece for Teh One. He is condescending and a trite little weasel when dealing with the state run media. Just imagine how he would deal with someone that is not acting as a state run media repeater?

Gibbs denied that the election in Massachusetts could be seen as a referendum on Obama’s leadership. Asked whether the closeness of the race was a sign of general dissatisfaction with Obama, Gibbs said that he believed voters were upset about the condition of the nation’s economy. He also noted that the bad economy existed before Obama took office.

“The president understands there’s frustration out there and is frustrated himself,” Gibbs said. NYPost Toasties

Gibby just had to get that "blame President Bush" line in there just one more time because he loves saying it. Gibby, it is Teh One's baby now. Get used to it. The blame President Bush game is what a wimp would do, not a man.

It really gets no better than this if you want the Socialist and his agenda defeated and utterly destroyed. Go Scott Brown go!


  1. Anonymous19:04

    I find this whole Massachusetts thing very interesting. To me it truly looks as if the obamafail organization has placed ALL their (remaining) eggs in this basket. That doesn't sound like a good stragety to me. In looking at headlines across the country, it really looks like the obamafail house of cards is rapidly collapsing, what with states threatening lawsuits if the health care train wreck passes. Tea parties have street cred now so lib'rals have a hard time playing the race card. Things just don't look so good for socialists. No wonder the chairman is displeased.

  2. Anonymous19:23

    Man, I hope he forgives us.

  3. I kinda like being the unforgiven in this instance.

  4. Heh- NOW it's gonna get interesting... what maneuvers will they use to try to ram the health care through now???

  5. GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!!!!! People - Massachusetts DID IT!!!!!!

    I still cannot believe it...

    Heaven help the Dems if they try funny business. It WILL be REVOLUTION time, then...

  6. I bet BO is having a hissy fit about now.. well done SCOTT!!! Wooot! we are not in Mass but we gave to the cause, what a victory!

  7. Anonymous22:25

    Now the DemocRat dirty tricks will really begin.

  8. Barney Baby......You are next.

  9. I suspect anyone standing near Teddy Kennedy grave last night felt the earth move as he rolled over. This was a political earthquake in the Haitian range.

  10. Actually Ted Kennedy erupted out of his grave belching Makers Mark and flaming federal health insurance forms.

    Scott Brown volunteers stood around the grave site and recited the Bills of Rights in three part harmony to quell the hellish disturbance.

  11. sig94~ Now, THAT's a horrible visual (but kinda funny!).


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