Friday, January 15, 2010

The Friday Pinup


  1. Polly wants a WHAT???

  2. drjim, that's what I was wondering! I can venture a guess, however.

  3. Dirty Polly...

  4. She's gonna have toenail marks all over her shoulder, ya' know.

  5. I dont suppose they make pinup boys do they.....

  6. I think if was looking for pinup boys there might be something really, really wrong.

  7. I was just thinking of all the ladies that read your blog. ;)

    My initial request was in jest, but after seeing your response you got me thinking. Did they have pinup boys back in the dark ages, oops I mean the 1940's??

    A search of the web "pin up boys" brings me to what your probably referring too..a bunch of gay men. Albiet pretty handsome guys, not what I was referring to.

    But alas I did find one from said timeframe. I give you a pin-up boy from the 40's.
    Tyrone Powers...

    I cant find one image like you have for your weekly posts. I guess the WACs had to make due without.

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  9. Hey there Admiral, It's been a while. I should be around atleast once a week, so stop on by.

  10. =) Thanks for the show of support. Its much appreciated. Did you see my post from last Thursday?? Theres something there for you. ;)


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