Friday, January 22, 2010

The Friday Pinup


  1. What a timely pin up! I just got my new cowboy boots in!! Oh now I will have to post a pic!!

  2. Wow......what gams!

  3. Always had a thing for cowgirls---something about hot leather!!!

  4. There' such class in your pinups. You have great taste.

  5. Boots, yeah, yeah, that's it :-)

  6. You gotta love a gal in a fringed skirt.

    Although now that I wrote that, I'm flashing back to a few years ago when Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State.

    I was on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when we saw her and her entourage coming across the plaza.

    She was in Western garb, dressed all in white, from the top of her hat to the toes of her boots. And a white fringed skirt that would make the most daring of men run for cover.

    Oh, the humanity...


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