Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am a Millionaire or it must be Spam

British Airways Authority(BAA)
Baggage Claims Unit (S506)
London Heathrow Airport
PO Box 5619
Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2PG

This is British Airport Authority (BAA), the world's leading airport
company. I wish to inform you that a box containing US$5.5 Million  has
been received through our Heathrow Airport in your name as  appeared on
the tag attached to the box. I have personally examined  and scanned the
box and discovered it to contain (US$5.5Million). I  decided to contact
you before sending the box to the UK's Customs  for final scanning and
official reports.
In view of this, I am contacting you to ascertain the correctness of
the name that appeared on the tag and also inform you that the box  has
since been deposited with the UK Treasury Insurance Authority at  the
airport for safe keeping pending the outcome of this contact.

As soon as I hear from you, you will be directed to contact the
clearing/releasing officer.

I want you to contact me urgently on my private email at before sending the box to the customs.

Best regards,
Mr. J.Uddin
British Airways Authority(BAA)
London United Kingdom


  1. Dearly Beloved, My name is... I get at least two a day of these, criminy, we are gonna be the next generation of billionaires!! And it was easier than sending out those Publisher Clearing house stamps!

  2. Dear Admiral,
    This is the Professional Golfers Association (PGA), the world's leading source of party girls. I wish to inform you that
    we have received a 22 yr old bikini clad blonde cheerleader pole vaulter roller derby porn star queen IHOP waitress.

    As the intended recipient, Mr. Woods, is no longer accepting these shipments, I decided to contact you before sending her back to the convent. She has been depositied in a nearby hotel for safe keeping pending the outcome of our notification to you.

    As soon as I hear from you, you will be directed to contact the desk clerk.

  3. Anonymous12:07


  4. Sig94, ahaha

    Admiral - I usually get these emails from the wife of the late King Abadabbadulla of Negliwanna.

  5. I get them all the time and they usually all filtered into junk mail.

    The sad thing is, I was watching an episode of Intervention on A&E (last week, I think), and this guy who was really addicted to I believe morphine, meth and something else was always sending his disability money to these scam artists. I think he was so whacked out, he blew like $600k thinking he really was going to get something in return.

  6. Anonymous17:57

    Can I borrow a few hundred thousand? HA HA

  7. Wow! You lucky bastard! I only got $3.7 million from a Greyhound Bus Station in Nigeria. I sent 'em $5K last week for legal fees plus postage and handling. Hopefully I'll be hearing back from them sometime really-really soon.


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