Thursday, November 19, 2009

Danielle Simpson Executed

Texas executes another murdering scumbag.

I am glad the caged feeling got to him.  However he decided that the cage was not worse than death too late.

Athens, GA (AHN) - A man who killed an elderly woman and felt like he was being treated subhuman on death row was put to death on Wednesday. Texas officials executed Danielle Simpson, 30, a murderer who earlier this year pleaded with a court to be put to death, because he felt death row was akin to torture.

In the days before his death Simpson waived his appeals against execution because he said being confined to a small metal cage was unbearable. In published reports he said the Texas correctional system viewed inmates on death row as less than human, as animals.

However, he then again changed his mind and asked his lawyers to issue a new appeal. They issued appeals paperwork on the grounds that a condemned man was mentally ill and unfit to make a decision to die. But it was too late shortly before the execution, the Texas board of pardons rejected the claim and the U.S. supreme court opted to not intervene.

A federal appeals court in a previous ruling said that Simpson was in fact mentally competent because the decision to choose over life confined to a small cell was indeed a rational decision. GantDaily


  1. Anonymous16:06

    One less scum bag in the world.

  2. This scum bag deserved to die. Good riddance.

  3. I hope the Gurney O'Doom was too small also and his feet and head hung out over the ends.

  4. You've got it right Teresa. These guys always moan and groan up until the end. Wish they still used the rope and the low hanging oak limb.

  5. Anonymous23:23

    Let's continue to cull the herd.

  6. Why do I not feel sorry for a grandma killer? Oh, I must have my head outta my ass and be a conservative.

  7. Sigh. I sometimes feel so proud of being European.

  8. "Death good. But first; Ru-Ru!"

  9. inhumane conditions? what he did to that poor elderly defenseless woman was humane! SCUMF*&^%$BAG!


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