Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Opus #6 has all the details about the clowning around with the
senate finance committee and the abomination of ObamaScare.
Fire up those fax machine and hit the redial buttons.

If you dither (Like Obama is in Afghanistan) we just may
have this Obamamonster's health scare bill as a reality.


  1. Ick. Now that is freaky!

  2. Obongo stars in the "Night of the Living Marxist."

    That picture is from the scene where he rips out the throat of the US economy.

  3. Anonymous21:56

    Scary this Obama monster.

  4. Anonymous01:02

    Jeez, I may not sleep tonight.

  5. hoo boy... thanks for THAT image... sigh...

  6. Thanks so much for the link! Hey, I thought I had you on blogroll already. That oversight has been rectified.

  7. Thats just plain creepy!

    guess who might be moving to FL next year???

  8. That would be cool!

    Florida is OK but there are a lot of moonbats here.

  9. Yes..we dont want to be cold any more! we found one place but it was too close to the gulf and the flood/storm/property insurance was astronomical! houses have to be twenty four feet above sea level in order not to get taken to the cleaners financially. so we moved our sites further inland and found a small town called Perry, because we dont want anything too touristy.
    we put an offer in for a lovely craftsman style. Its still only half an hour away from the coast.


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