Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mark Howard McClain Executed

If anybody needed executing it is this piece of garbage.  I will get to why I feel this way in a moment.

JACKSON, Ga. — A man who fatally shot a pizza store manager during a 1994 robbery in which he stole a little more than $100 to give to his girlfriend was executed Tuesday by lethal injection.

Mark Howard McClain, 42, was put to death at a state prison 50 miles south of Atlanta after his appeals were exhausted and a bid for clemency was rejected.

McClain declined to make any statement. When asked if he would like a final prayer said for him, he said “No, I’m fine.” After being injected with the chemicals, his chest started heaving and his breathing fluttered. He was pronounced dead at 7:24 p.m.

He was convicted of killing 28-year-old Kevin Brown during a robbery at a Domino’s Pizza in Augusta, about 150 miles east of Atlanta. Authorities said McClain gave the money to his girlfriend without telling her where he got it. She later testified against him.

McClain told jurors he intended only to rob the store, but shot Brown because he believed the manager was pursuing him. But Brown, who weighed 450 pounds and could not move quickly, was found lying behind the counter.

This why I feel this way:

Recently, McClain argued that he deserved a lighter sentence because the shooting was the result of a “single, panicky .22 pistol shot from a considerable distance away.” His appeal attorney argued that his client’s case was the only robbery homicide case out of 55 across the state in 1995 to result in a death penalty.

I hope hell is hot for this animal.

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