Sunday, October 11, 2009

I found this in my Email Box

My God, this country is doomed as I have known it.

It is like Thulsa Doom is  in charge.

What happened to the minds of the idiots that voted for Obama the Jack Ass?


  1. Me too...that's one flag I would definitely burn.

  2. Dr Dave- Oh shit! That's exactly what I thought! Exactly!!! I'd torch that sucker in a heart-beat, that is after I dragged it through some raw sewage or an ACORN office...same difference.

  3. USA_Admiral- I must say though, that last picture? The one of Michelle Obama in the native Kenyan does make her look a bit more fetching.

  4. Around these parts, we refer to that as the "Flag of the Obama Nation".

  5. What happened to the brains? I posted an example on my site.

  6. I have a long rope and a 4 wheel drive truck if you want to send them my way...

  7. Gene, ya just never know what will happpen when a girl finally gets up the gumption to shave her back and chisel the scales off. And her Wookie collar and license combo is simply stunning. Hell, if all her shots are up to date I might even breed her with a suitable stud.

  8. Anonymous18:20

    Thank God I have an HOA.

  9. That flag is utterly preposterous and totally offensive!

  10. Thusla Doom at least had some rational policies!

  11. isnt that a desicration of the us flag??
    I keep thinking im going to wake up soon, and over me will be stood this handsome Doc from a bodice-ripper romance novel saying "there there my love, do not fret, it has all been a bad dream!"

    I can dream, cant I?


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