Tuesday, October 27, 2009

After regaining consciousness . . .

From my diabetic coma, that was induced by all the replay of the Obamathon coming to Jacksonville. The local television news could not get enough of and replayed it ad nauseum. I once again realized that he is clueless, vapid and a complete and total nitwit.

Since the Obama is not currently in possession of a backbone (or a brain) and cannot make a simple decision about sending his general more troops to Afghanistan why should the Military have to listen to his lies? The man has no reasoning power without his teleprompter. My guess is too much weed.

Here is the YouTube waste if time if you need a diabetic induced coma of your own.

And he spake unto the masses; "Behold, I am a liar without end, and 54% of you are too stupid to figure it out on your own ".

The Warrior Song

Reginald Blanton Executed

Texas serves up some justice.

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – Condemned murderer Reginald Blanton was executed Tuesday evening for a robbery-slaying in San Antonio more than nine years ago.

Blanton, 28, was convicted of the April 2000 shooting death of Carlos Garza at the 22-year-old man's apartment.

In a statement after he was strapped to the death-chamber gurney, Blanton insisted he was wrongly convicted.

"Carlos was my friend," he said. "I didn't murder him. What's happening right now is an injustice. This doesn't solve anything. This will not bring back Carlos."

He also complained that the lethal drugs that would be used on him weren't allowed to put down dogs.

"I say I am worse off than a dog," he said. "They want to kill me for all this. I am not the man that did this."

Then he told friends he loved them.

He was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m. He was the 19th inmate executed in Texas this year.    DallasNews

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thought Provoking

There is a thought provoking Post over at Signal 94. This is one of the best instances of comparison I have seen in quite a while.  US Navy Honors Our Presidents.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ditherer in Chief

An internal congressional report questioning the ability of the Secret Service to continue fulfilling its duties was leaked to the Boston Globe. The report says the Secret Service is strained by a drastic increase in threats to President Obama, coupled with deep budget cuts. Some are speculating that the agency may need to relinquish all or part of its roles in protecting the country's financial machinery in order to focus resources on the protection of the president and other high-profile leaders.

It is pure politics. There were many lefties out there who wrote books on assassinating President Bush along with a couple of flicks about it as well. I do not see nearly the hatred for the pompous Obama like I did for President Bush. If everyone loves "Him" and his plans then why is the Secret Service having to strain to protect "The One"? It will get worse. It is bound to, especially when everyone gets some skin in the game.

With 10% unemployment being the norm things will probably get much worse.

Will the Secret Service have enough people to do the job? Only time will tell.


Here is some food for thought for all the Libs that loved the BushHitler stuff.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mark Howard McClain Executed

If anybody needed executing it is this piece of garbage.  I will get to why I feel this way in a moment.

JACKSON, Ga. — A man who fatally shot a pizza store manager during a 1994 robbery in which he stole a little more than $100 to give to his girlfriend was executed Tuesday by lethal injection.

Mark Howard McClain, 42, was put to death at a state prison 50 miles south of Atlanta after his appeals were exhausted and a bid for clemency was rejected.

McClain declined to make any statement. When asked if he would like a final prayer said for him, he said “No, I’m fine.” After being injected with the chemicals, his chest started heaving and his breathing fluttered. He was pronounced dead at 7:24 p.m.

He was convicted of killing 28-year-old Kevin Brown during a robbery at a Domino’s Pizza in Augusta, about 150 miles east of Atlanta. Authorities said McClain gave the money to his girlfriend without telling her where he got it. She later testified against him.

McClain told jurors he intended only to rob the store, but shot Brown because he believed the manager was pursuing him. But Brown, who weighed 450 pounds and could not move quickly, was found lying behind the counter.

This why I feel this way:

Recently, McClain argued that he deserved a lighter sentence because the shooting was the result of a “single, panicky .22 pistol shot from a considerable distance away.” His appeal attorney argued that his client’s case was the only robbery homicide case out of 55 across the state in 1995 to result in a death penalty.    ledger-enquirer.com

I hope hell is hot for this animal.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I found this in my Email Box

My God, this country is doomed as I have known it.

It is like Thulsa Doom is  in charge.

What happened to the minds of the idiots that voted for Obama the Jack Ass?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Max Landon Payne Executed

Alabama executes Max Landon Payne.

ATMORE -- Alabama death row inmate Max Payne was executed by lethal injection Thursday for the 1992 kidnapping, robbery and killing of Cullman store owner Braxton Brown. SOURCE

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Opus #6 has all the details about the clowning around with the
senate finance committee and the abomination of ObamaScare.
Fire up those fax machine and hit the redial buttons.

If you dither (Like Obama is in Afghanistan) we just may
have this Obamamonster's health scare bill as a reality.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

John Evander Couey dies of cancer

Does that name ring a bell? It should.

Jessica Lunsford was her name.

It is a pity he died of natural causes. I don't believe having cancer was suffering enough after what he did to do to a nine year old girl.

Jessica Lunsford's killer dies of natural causes

HOMOSASSA - Convicted child killer John Couey died this morning of natural causes, sparing the state of Florida from having to execute him for the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Florida Corrections spokesperson Gretl Plessinger said Couey died "at 11:15 a.m. today at a local hospital," but declined to offer specifics, citing privacy laws.

Couey was housed at the Florida State Prison near Starke, awaiting execution for the 2005 kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jessica.

As the story continues you can tell Couey was a remorseless child killer.

Couey was convicted in 2007 of kidnapping, raping and killing Jessica. The last time anyone saw her alive was when she went to bed on a February evening in 2005.

The next morning, her father discovered she was missing, sparking a massive search that would ultimately end in tragedy.

Investigators zeroed in on John Evander Couey, a sexual offender living in the area. It turned out he had not registered as a sex offender, and a warrant was put out for his arrest.

On March 17, 2005, he was arrested in Augusta, Georgia. Two days later, investigators found Jessica in a shallow grave outside Couey's sister's mobile home. The medical examiner later said she died of suffocation after being buried alive.

Couey was charged with first-degree murder. He confessed to kidnapping Jessica from her room, raping her and locking her in a closet before burying her. SOURCE

Executions for the Month of October

Max Landon Payne
Lawrence Reynolds
Mark Howard McLain
Christopher Kennedy
Reginald Blanton

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