Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some things.

To have this kind of agility would be nice.


Damn, I hate squirrels. This little bastard got his.

Damned Hair-tailed Rars

Obama Shock

Obama Shock?
Finally setting in.


  1. I just love the squirrel jig! I did that once to a Jehovah Witness midget who wouldn't leave our doorbell alone. It was a beautiful sight. He shot out from under a cloud of fluttering Watchtower pamphlets like a submarine missile launch.

  2. That squirrel probably enjoyed that.

    Anyway, regards the agility of a cat.. We have a deal on top of a credenza that has some shelves and cubby holes made to store office type things. One of them is 5 inches high by 15 wide and is 4 ft off the floor. One of our cats routinely jumps in there - nuthin but net - from the floor and he's a big cat.

  3. "That squirrel probably enjoyed that."
    The frustrating part was when he tried to describe the ride to his friends!

  4. Anonymous00:20

    The squirrel vid is a classic. I'd probably pay to be able to do that.

  5. Anonymous14:04

    Loved the squirrel video.

  6. Loved the squirrel-a-pult! Need a bigger one to put nuts in and launch Congressman Barney Frank.

  7. Gene, why not just launch barney's nuts..

  8. Now that's classic!! Great!


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