Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A message from Barack Hussein Obama II

Hey, I am on vacation now.

Can I eat my g** dam* fu**king
drumstick in f**king peace for a while?


  1. Nope. Sorry, Obugger, but there are polls to lose and legislation to kill and policies to fracture by the will of the people. And, btw, that cone adds to that national deficit you said you'd bring down. So I'd suggest you do like the rest of us and scale back your little frivolous escapades, or else you're going to find yourself living the life of a pensioneer (on my dime, regardless, you bastard), and hopelessly a one-termer at that.

  2. Anonymous00:12

    Hey look!! Is that a TelePrompTer in front of big "O"?? Or is it just a nameplate reminding him who he is?

  3. Anonymous01:40

    He doesn't need a nameplate. He's reminded daily, by the Chicago Machine, that he's the MFWIC.

  4. Nickie got it in one! :-)

  5. Nickie is on it like vomit.

  6. Anonymous14:27

    Him and everyone around just piss me f*ck off - daily.

  7. Sloppy blow job if you ask me...


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