Monday, August 24, 2009

What is the word

Not what I need to see in the First Lady. If I had wanted to see this I would have gone to the mall.

frump [ frump ] (plural frumps)

  1. unfashionably dressed woman: an offensive term for a woman considered not to be good-looking or not to dress well
  2. dull person: an offensive term for somebody considered to be drab, dull, or old-fashioned

[Mid-16th century. Probably shortening of frumple "wrinkle" < Middle Dutch verrompelen "rumple completely"]

frump·ish adjective
frump·y adjective   SOURCE


  1. What a way to start a Monday...seeing her.

  2. Whoa. Oh please be still my heart.

    I always get turned on by the sultry, steamy Wal-Mart look. Is that toilet paper hanging from her waist?

  3. They don't call it fuck Obama day for nothing...

  4. Frumpish. Now that's complimentary.

    You know, this is how she needed to dress for her lead laced gardening project.

    Not getting off of or out of vehicles that appear to represent the United States of America.

    That's what I'm thinking anyway.

    I think of the Recruits up at Great Lakes (Boot Camp) for the Navy and know that ANY of them would be severely disciplined for representing the country in such a fashion. That's my reference here.

    That bitch needs to know she's on duty anytime she's out from behind closed doors.

    That's your price for living the high life for at least 4 years after moving on up to the East Side.

  5. Anonymous22:44

    I gotta tell you, I miss the Bushes. Now THAT was a First Lady.

  6. Laura Bush is a lady. I agree.

    As to the other, I can't say something nice, so I will try not to say anything at all.

  7. So much for rising up to the station in life. I am a casual dresser but I know when to wear a shirt and tie.

    Absolutely no class.

  8. I won't fault her for looking shabby on vacay... Even though Bush was excoriated for taking one.

    As for the first pic... I must say that I'm shocked she's actually walking her own dog, regardless of her dress!

    Don't they have a plebe to do that for them?

  9. she has to be the worst dressed first lady I have every seen.

  10. she could have at least worn a bra, the t shirt is see through.

  11. and .. when I take my kid to school in the morning, I look better than that!


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