Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Intrudes

It has been busy as We (I) adjust to the Private School where my daughter is home schooled.

The liberal deviant who allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to die in his car in has finally faced his maker. No liberal media to cover his ass there.

When things even out here once again I will get back to being a member of the Mob of the Right. 

Other things . . .

I found this in the shrubs,

As Steve Irwin would say,
"Wot a Beauty this gal is. Just look at er, She's a stunner".
It is in fact a Argiope aurantia (Monster).

Keep the good deeds going and just remember,


  1. A Writing Spider!! That's a sure sign that fall isn't toooo terribly far off. Considering I've gotten my third $400+ electric bill of the summer, it's none to soon.

    I hope the new school works out well for your daughter!!

  2. That's also nick-named a banana spider and yes, autumn is just around the corner when these guys come out.

  3. Dude ! I love the sign !

    And I was just thinking about a trip I made to Wooster Ohio to see a friend of mine decades ago. We took a motorcycle ride out to the woods, got off and started walking toward a river through fairly thick woods.

    Someone was talking to me so I was walking forward but looking backward and when I turned around, my face was a half inch from such a spider in the middle of his/her web. I almost had that sucker on my face.

    Ooofta as they say.

  4. PS - DAMN I miss Steve Irwin.

  5. OK, DAMMIT, never EVER post another pic of a spider like that!

    I just cannot take it! After seeing that, I don't even know what this post was about!

  6. Thank God I can now look at a spider and not have to see Mrs Obama in her ghetto gear walking the dog.

  7. Anonymous14:39

    Love the sign. The spider gives me the creeps.

  8. Anonymous18:16

    10 out of 10 for the sign. I vote ALL OF THE ABOVE.

  9. Anonymous09:12

    Yep, he sure

  10. Dang....I hate spiders....I just saw a Wolf Spider today and freaked....Give me Bats, Rats, or Monsters....The thing that freaks me out about spiders is they can get you in your sleep...fuckin pests.

    The Black Widow


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