Thursday, August 20, 2009

John Richard Marek Executed

Florida finally got one right. I am amazed.

STARKE - A Florida man was executed Wednesday for murdering a 45-year-old mother of two who was raped, tortured, and strangled after a car she was in broke down on a highway 26 years ago.

John Richard Marek, 47, died at 6:33 p.m. after receiving an injection at Florida State Prison.

He was condemned for the first-degree murder and kidnapping of Adela Marie Simmons, whose nude body was found the day after she climbed into a pickup truck to get help after a friend's car broke down on Florida's Turnpike in Palm Beach County in 1983.

Twenty six years of tax payer funded living. The justice system needs a tune up. That is entirely too long to execute a murderer.

Simmons' body was found inside the lifeguard tower about 7 a.m. That evening, Wigley was arrested in Daytona Beach, driving the truck. Inside was a gold watch, gold pendant and gold earring belonging to Simmons and a gun. Marek was arrested at Daytona Shores.

Marek testified that after they picked up Simmons, he fell asleep. When he awoke, he said the woman was not in the truck. He testified Wigley told him he had dropped her off at a gas station. He testified he again fell asleep and when he woke up, he was on the beach.

Fingerprints found at the lifeguard station matched both Wigley and Marek, but only Marek's prints were found inside the observation deck, where the body was found.

Wigley testified that the victim was forced to perform oral sex and repeatedly sexually assaulted.

Does it sound like, with this evidence that it should have taken twenty six years to juice this murderer?

The sadly liberal media just had to find someone, who thinks keeping these savages alive for the rest of their lives after murderous actions is a better idea than having them quickly executed for taking someones life.

A life the victim had only one of, and was brutally taken from them. So the sad sack gets to sit on death row for twenty six years and play nice with his girlfriend (also an anti-death penalty advocate).

When they start making noise about abortion being wrong instead of executing killers being wrong then I may listen. Until that time, they can save there breath. Abortion does not serve any use in our modern society either.

"It's a question of justice. The death penalty doesn't serve any use in our modern society. It should be abolished, at least in favor of life without parole," said Joseph Koechler, 66, from Ormond Beach. SOURCE

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