Monday, August 17, 2009

Creepy Picture of the evening


Opinions Appreciated.


  1. The creepiness of this kind of photo is greatly underestimated.

    Just think of Hanna Montana giving Ted Kennedy a .....

    Or Helen Thomas getting buck nekked and romping with the Jonas Brothers.

    Excuse me, I now have to gouge my eyes out with a plastic spork.

  2. Such a friendly world we live in.

  3. Love is blind. So is lust for money.

  4. I'm speechless.

  5. Jack needs to go on a diet... or get a bra!

  6. It's not right.

    Though Jack does have an impressive set of knockers/major league yabos, etc.

  7. Jack's boobies are bigger then mine when you gather all the fat in 2 DD cups......... I don't have the oh oh so fabulous tummy though, mine is much smaller. Who the hell is the "kid" in the pic????

  8. "Money will get you through times of no love, better than love will get you through times of no money".

  9. Think I'll go shave my balls now.


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