Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Embarrassment of the United States of America . . .

The Obama Apology Tour 2009 continues this time to Moscow Russia.

Here is a picture for you:

This is the douche bag doing his thing during the National Anthem, sans hand over heart.

With that image in mind here is another one for you.

Here is Teh One in Moscow at the tomb of the unknown communist soldier:

OK. I am sure Teh One has no clue what it means to be the elected (by idiots) leader of a country. He is a disagreeable numskull who appears lost and clueless in the political world.

He is a diplomatic blunderer and he has the world laughing at him along with the idiots in the U. S. that voted for this sad excuse of a politician.

It is good to see, every single day, that the morons that voted for Teh One are, at least as clueless and classless as he is.


  1. Anonymous11:47

    That's the saddest part. The world is laughing.

  2. That top pic just chaps my hide. America is STUPID for electing this asshat!

  3. I've always said of Obama 'he's a politician - and that says it all'!

  4. Anonymous19:15

    Disregard, last email........... It is a computer loading problem on my end.........

    Now to the post........

    If this does NOT show America that we elected a Communist I don't know what does.... He is a sickening human being, and I pray these next 3 1/2 years go by quickly and he doesn't completely ruin America in the process.

  5. I guess I won't be eating dinner...

  6. He should have stayed there if he felt so much more at home.

  7. Doesn't this asshat have a protocol officer? Obambi has screwed up at every ceremony and function he's attended.

    This is the ceremony he should have stood respectfully, arms at side, (not cupping his balls to see if michelle allowed him to wear them that day).

    Our First Family is trailer trash.

    They profess to want to get along with the rest of the world, but know nothing about it. The world is laughing at us.

  8. He's a traitor. Hang him. It's OBVIOUS where his sympathies lie.

  9. I don't think the world is laughing as much as you think it is. In the UK, Obama is being held up as a Godsend. I think notwithstanding the Party, your alternative to Obama ie. McCain was pretty dire.


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