Thursday, June 04, 2009


PETA the animal nazi (one who is likened to a German Nazi: a harshly domineering, dictatorial, or intolerant person) have turned a tragedy into a publicity drive.

The Wichita Eagle
WICHITA - A national animal rights group plans to erect billboards in Wichita urging people on both sides of the abortion debate to go vegetarian.

One version of the billboard says, "Pro-Life? Go Vegetarian." The other says, "Pro-Choice? Choose Vegetarian." Both feature a photo of three baby chicks.

These PETA types have a goal and it is clear, eat vegetable matter or weeds and such. Writing about this is making me crave veal cutlets.

The Virginia-based group opposes eating animals or using any animal byproducts. It also opposes animal testing, hunting, fishing and factory farming.

Here is another great bit of advertising genius:

PETA has been criticized for the style and content of its campaigns, including a 2003 "Holocaust on Your Plate" exhibition, which juxtaposed images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming.

It is hard to get behind a movement when your message compares processing meat with the Holocaust. That is just insane. We are omnivores (feeding on both animal and vegetable substances).

"If our billboards leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth, we just think they might give a thought to what animals feel when they go to the slaughterhouse," she said. SOURCE

After reading that, I feel the need to go and cook about four pounds of bacon, roast a couple of chickens and get some steaks ready for dinner tonight. I may even skip anything with vegetables after reading this article. PETA failed to turn me away from meat yet again.


  1. Same here! I "really" dislike ecoterrorists!

  2. MMMMmm. I just roasted some chicken last night. This weekend may call for a good porterhouse. If meat is murder, then murder tastes goooood. ;-P

  3. GOT EGG? I have 10 hens and no rooster but I am killing "chicks" by eating eggs?

    Pass me some steak!

  4. PETA is in it for the money and politics..not the animals. They used the money donated to save stray dogs and find them homes, used it for lobbying and ended up killing 10,000 dogs and putting the bodies in city dumpters.

  5. With all that food you could invite others to help masticate some of that meat!

    Mmmm. Red Wine.

  6. uuummmm, cute little veal cutletssss......

  7. Anonymous20:13

    With all of the cooking you were talikng about makes me want to come to your house.

  8. Anonymous11:22

    finger licking good, I will have mine extra crispy please.

  9. Still love the bumper sticker I saw at the livestock auction....PETA, People Eatin Tasty Animals.


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