Monday, June 22, 2009

Murder in Iran

I read this post over at The Pajama Underground. It moved me to post about it. Drop by and read it there first. He put it into words better than I could have.

This is a serious post for me.

My question is,

Did the Obama give the Iranian people false hope with his speech in Cairo? Did his gift of the teleprompter speech and his glib tongue cause the Iranians to think he would support them when the elections were a hoax? Is the blood of the dead in Iran on Obama's hands as well as the Ahmadinejad regime?

Because the Obama does not want to meddle in Iran's election innocent people who believed his worthless speech are being killed for simply speaking out against a corrupt election.

The video below is graphic.
It shows the death of a young woman in about 37 seconds. One of the last things you see is her look over at the camera.

If the Obama legitimizes Ahmadinejad by meeting with him with or without preconditions then we will have our answer.

After what I have seen Obama will destroy the reputation of the United States as a bastion of freedom.

This is what it is like when only the government has guns. Learn this lesson before the gun control idiots reduce gun owners in the US to this condition.


  1. I watched this clip at another site and sat in tears as that poor man saw the life being sucked from his child. Oh how I wish that was Obama laying there instead.

  2. Anonymous20:42

    Obama is a mouthpiece. Nothing more. I don't think his personal stance about how bad a people we are matters to those in power in Iran.

    Comments are open so I posted my opinion.

  3. Obama is a wishy-washy apologist for what he perceives are the evils of the United States of America.

    If only he had the cojones and the will to stand up to Iran and North Korea and all other oppressive regimes, just as Reagan did with Russia and Poland, perhaps this young woman would be alive today.

  4. Anonymous00:03

    This video makes me sick. Those of us on the street have seen this in the ghetto, people being shot, the walking dead, as they are standing or speaking and then the blood comes from their nose and mouth and then they are GONE............ It is sickening that this is about a fucking election that was rigged by a dishonest disgusting man, and OBAMBI was speaking to this country, and asking for peace......... MY GOD when will this end, when will this slaughter of innocents that want peace and truth and most importantly FREEDOM stop........ STOP the slaughter.........This was a slaughter of an innocent woman who stood up for her rights.............. It is sickening............... My heart breaks for her and her family.


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