Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I would say it is working very well


  1. Just so disappointing.

  2. Unfortunately, Obama seems determined to deliver his campaign promises.

  3. Sigh... Too bad his change is to drive us into socialism!

  4. That would make a great target to shoot up with my 44 magnum.

  5. It is really getting sour reading the
    news these days.....I said it would be worse than the Carter years and the Clinton years all rolled together

  6. fryemandoug. Got that right.

    Admiral; So, this sounds extreme doesn't it?
    That Obama and the Democrats actually want to 'Destroy America'.

    There are a few scenarios that I can agree with.

    They are the indoctrinated communists and they intend to destroy America - LINK

    They have pissed all the money away, and like pathetic drug addicts, support and work towards ANY effing thing which will deliver more money to them to piss away yet again in their insatiable thirst for yet again mo money.

    The Mofo's are so stupid they actually think their idiotic ideas will benefit society. This 3rd option is highly unlikely in my mind, because I know how desperate and evil they are, their agenda can't be based on something so sublime and innocent as stupidity. Plus it's too obvious.

    I do absolutely believe either scenario 1 or 2, but it's a coin flip between them.

    One could also certainly make the argument that scenario 2 carries scenario 1 with it by default, so they may both be in play.

  7. I had a friend come over for lunch the other day, we are both in the same boat, job hunting. She has been out of work longer than me, hasnt even got a sniff of an interview, so I asked her: "Hows that hope and change working for you?" She actually broke down in tears, I felt aweful so after a few minutes of consoling her we brainstormed for ideas to make things better. somethings got to give.

  8. I'd say the blueprint is working.

  9. Anonymous13:57

    Even Putin is lectureing Obama about tax increases.

  10. Anonymous13:43

    Better than his other Blue Book,seeing it is truth in advertising.

  11. He said in his election night speech, "we're going to work to rebuild America brick by brick..." I got a sinking sensation in the pit of my stomach...Nobody ever said that our country needed to be rebuilt or remade. It really hit me then that he, indeed, intends to fully come through on his campaign 'promises'.

    Heaven help us.

  12. Anonymous12:54

    I like the target idea!!!


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