Tuesday, June 23, 2009

4th Most Dangerous Neighborhood

I found it by way of Bitches in Blue. They have a post about the 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods.

Did I mention how much I like LEO blogs? Now you know. Drop by and say Good Day.

Yes, it is in Jacksonville. Not good news for the little city I live in.

To be exact Jacksonville, Fla. (Beaver St./Broad St.) Story SOURCE
(And just to mention it, Beaver and Broad should never be used in the same sentence.)

Here is a photographic evidence of a not so typical Chicago Acorn Type Thug. They are not so much danger as they are naive and ridiculous. The true damaging effect from this type of thug is brought about by a dumbed down mass of people (idiots) wanting HOPE and CHANGE by voting for this completely inept fool and bringing him into power. At once this type of thug while working like virulent cancer will begin to dismantle the country as we knew it. He will start by taking from those who earn and giving it to his derelict voting minions (idiots) under the guise of "Spreading the wealth around a little bit".

Last time I checked this acorn thug was not giving one thin dime in the "spreading the wealth around a bit" department. All I have seen is the Apology Tour 2009 in full force while visiting every dictator filled rat hole on earth.

What in the hell is Comrade Obama's carbon footprint like anyway? They also are seen connected to trashy women of a thug type personality and strongly resemble klingons.


  1. I would bet the farm that every one of these 25 most dangerous neighborhoods voted at least 99% Obama

  2. Anonymous10:52

    I would say 100% voted Obama

  3. You forgot to mention that Martin Luther King Drive is in that neighborhood of pride and love.

  4. Nah, 145% voted for Obammah. Spread enough of that ACORN love love around and good things happen. Like spreading shit on okra, it helps it grow.

  5. Obama has a 6,200 per cent approval rating according to ABC news!

  6. JG. Lol.

    So, I live close to THE MOST dangerous neighborhood. Over the Rhine Cincinnati.

    Here's a chuckle. Stimulus money is slated to build a trolley system in Over the Rhine, Cincinnati.

    The City Attorney General stated on public TV several months ago, that 'If they build a trolley system in Over the Rhine, they will need to call it the Jurassic Park Ride !"

    Still get a kick outta that.


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