Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not many seem to have it anymore

It could also be guns, ammo, money, time, luck, responsible local elected leaders or a decent president.

Feel free to add your own.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


4th Most Dangerous Neighborhood

I found it by way of Bitches in Blue. They have a post about the 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods.

Did I mention how much I like LEO blogs? Now you know. Drop by and say Good Day.

Yes, it is in Jacksonville. Not good news for the little city I live in.

To be exact Jacksonville, Fla. (Beaver St./Broad St.) Story SOURCE
(And just to mention it, Beaver and Broad should never be used in the same sentence.)

Here is a photographic evidence of a not so typical Chicago Acorn Type Thug. They are not so much danger as they are naive and ridiculous. The true damaging effect from this type of thug is brought about by a dumbed down mass of people (idiots) wanting HOPE and CHANGE by voting for this completely inept fool and bringing him into power. At once this type of thug while working like virulent cancer will begin to dismantle the country as we knew it. He will start by taking from those who earn and giving it to his derelict voting minions (idiots) under the guise of "Spreading the wealth around a little bit".

Last time I checked this acorn thug was not giving one thin dime in the "spreading the wealth around a bit" department. All I have seen is the Apology Tour 2009 in full force while visiting every dictator filled rat hole on earth.

What in the hell is Comrade Obama's carbon footprint like anyway? They also are seen connected to trashy women of a thug type personality and strongly resemble klingons.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Murder in Iran

I read this post over at The Pajama Underground. It moved me to post about it. Drop by and read it there first. He put it into words better than I could have.

This is a serious post for me.

My question is,

Did the Obama give the Iranian people false hope with his speech in Cairo? Did his gift of the teleprompter speech and his glib tongue cause the Iranians to think he would support them when the elections were a hoax? Is the blood of the dead in Iran on Obama's hands as well as the Ahmadinejad regime?

Because the Obama does not want to meddle in Iran's election innocent people who believed his worthless speech are being killed for simply speaking out against a corrupt election.

The video below is graphic.
It shows the death of a young woman in about 37 seconds. One of the last things you see is her look over at the camera.

If the Obama legitimizes Ahmadinejad by meeting with him with or without preconditions then we will have our answer.

After what I have seen Obama will destroy the reputation of the United States as a bastion of freedom.

This is what it is like when only the government has guns. Learn this lesson before the gun control idiots reduce gun owners in the US to this condition.

Where great men once trod

This is now a place where 41 year old delinquents skateboard up and down the white house halls.

This is a symptom of a bigger problem. Obama respects nothing or no one.

Tony Hawk has published pictures of himself
skateboarding through the White House on Twitter. The 41-year-old wrote: "Hi, I am inside the White House gates eating Frosted Flakes and about to do press. You heard it here first.
Yes, I brought my skateboard."
Hawk added that he briefly talked about skating with President Barack Obama. "He did apologize for not having any ramps to skate on the grounds during our brief chat. Thank you for the invite, President Obama. It was an honor." SOURCE
Does anyone need anymore proof this idiot has no clue what being the leader of a nation is?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What in the Hell

If ever there was a picture that screamed "ridicule this," it has to be this one.

The second most photographed person in Washington D.C. actually takes her dog out for the morning shit looking like this? She is either completely clueless or just does not give a damn. The way Obama is appointing Czars you think they could find a "Take the white house mutt out for it's daily shit" Czar and save the world from these horrid pictures being taken.

Nothing else I could say could do this photograph justice.

Yeah; as far as a first lady goes, she is a disgrace.

There is no class in the white house at this time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Finest Army anywhere on earth

The United States Army

Flag Day

I pledge allegiance to the Flag
of the United States of America,
and to the Republic for which it stands:
one Nation under God, indivisible,
With Liberty and Justice for all.

  • Betsy Ross was a seamstress who made clothes for George Washington. In June, 1776, Washington approached her to make the country's first flag and the rest is history.

  • Francis Scott Key Inspired by the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, he penned the lyrics to our national anthem as he witnessed the event as British rockets whizzed in the air while our American Flag flew in the breeze.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jack Trawick Executed

ATMORE -- Twice-convicted murderer Jack Trawick died by lethal injection tonight, as relatives of the two murder victims watched.

Trawick, 62, who also had claimed to have committed another Birmingham area murder and two in the Pacific northwest, was executed at 6:17 p.m. for abducting, stabbing and strangling Stephanie Gach, 21, of Irondale on the night of Oct. 9, 1992. He had been on Death Row at Holman Correctional Facility since 1994, and no legal efforts were made to stop his execution.  SOURCE

This monster will kill no one else now.

2 Years Ago

That was when I started this experiment into Blogging. I have never stayed with anything online for this long.

It is much more fun to read other blogs since so many of them have the gift of writing and humor.

It was much easier blogging before that IDIOT in the white house was elected. Still, it is a lot of fun when he shows what a completely clueless ass he is (like everyday).

I appreciate everyone that stops by or comments. I know life is very busy and that is why I appreciate it so much.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Medusa look

Do we have the "Medusa" dwelling in the white house?

How many pictures of this Medusa have we seen taken while she is scowling with her "man" arms crossed?

It just seems to be her natural look. I for one am waiting for the asps to sprout out of her head and bite someone.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Is Tinkerbell white?


Gary Busey Clan

How about a Cheeto?



It causes you to wander the Web.

Who needs rules
Smart Cow

Panda Sparta

Just plain mean.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

H/T Mark C in AZ


PETA the animal nazi (one who is likened to a German Nazi: a harshly domineering, dictatorial, or intolerant person) have turned a tragedy into a publicity drive.

The Wichita Eagle
WICHITA - A national animal rights group plans to erect billboards in Wichita urging people on both sides of the abortion debate to go vegetarian.

One version of the billboard says, "Pro-Life? Go Vegetarian." The other says, "Pro-Choice? Choose Vegetarian." Both feature a photo of three baby chicks.

These PETA types have a goal and it is clear, eat vegetable matter or weeds and such. Writing about this is making me crave veal cutlets.

The Virginia-based group opposes eating animals or using any animal byproducts. It also opposes animal testing, hunting, fishing and factory farming.

Here is another great bit of advertising genius:

PETA has been criticized for the style and content of its campaigns, including a 2003 "Holocaust on Your Plate" exhibition, which juxtaposed images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming.

It is hard to get behind a movement when your message compares processing meat with the Holocaust. That is just insane. We are omnivores (feeding on both animal and vegetable substances).

"If our billboards leave a bad taste in anyone's mouth, we just think they might give a thought to what animals feel when they go to the slaughterhouse," she said. SOURCE

After reading that, I feel the need to go and cook about four pounds of bacon, roast a couple of chickens and get some steaks ready for dinner tonight. I may even skip anything with vegetables after reading this article. PETA failed to turn me away from meat yet again.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Daniel Wilson Executed

Ohio gets it right.

LUCASVILLE — Daniel Wilson was executed by lethal injection today for the May 4, 1991, murder of 24-year-old Carol Lutz.

He was pronounced dead at 10:30 a.m.

His final words were: "I want to say I'm sorry to the Lutz family for what I did to Carol. I want to say I'm sorry to my family for how things turned out. I love you. I want to say I believe in Jesus. He's my Lord and savior. I'm going home."

After his deed eighteen years ago I guess he had a lot of time to think about his demise and what he cruelly perpetrated.

His crime was terrible.

On May 3, 1991, Wilson had been drinking with Lutz and friends at a local bar when Lutz offered Wilson a ride home. Wilson awoke at 8 a.m. the next day in a parking lot behind the wheel of Lutz' Oldsmobile Cutlass, with Lutz locked in the trunk.

Wilson said he did not remember how Lutz got there, but he knew he had to concoct a plan to free himself of the predicament. He parked the car behind a school, stuffed a rag in the open neck of the gas tank and tried unsuccessfully to set the car on fire.

He allowed Lutz a bathroom break and a cigarette before locking her back in the trunk, puncturing the gas tank and igniting the car.

Lutz died of carbon monoxide poisoning and third-degree burns, which covered nearly her entire body.  SOURCE



Did you ever know a woman like this?

Here is another one.

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