Thursday, May 14, 2009

Willie McNair Executed

Willie McNair deserved to die. It is a shame it took about 17 years and a few minutes once the juice was administered. He needed to have two knives stuck in his throat and then strangled to death. That was what he did to his 68 year old female victim. This maggot even grabbed her from behind.

PhotobucketWillie McNair, convicted of robbing, strangling and stabbing to death a southeast Alabama woman for whom he did yard work, died by lethal injection tonight as the woman's six children watched.

McNair, 44, declined to make final public statement and spent his last moments staring at the ceiling aboving at 6:03 p.m. He was pronounced dead at 6:17 p.m. by Alabama Corrections officials. Earlier in the day, the U.S. Supreme Court had turned down his final appeal.

 The Abbeville man had been on Death Row since 1991 for the May 21, 1990, slaying of Ella Foy Riley. Riley's daughter Pat Jones, found her stabbed and strangled in the kitchen of her Abbeville home. McNair had done yardwork for Riley in the past, and other members of his family had done work for her as well.

According to a case summary, McNair and a friend, Olin Grimsley, had been doing cocaine, wanted money to get some more, and had asked Riley for $20. She turned them down, and was attacked while she was getting McNair a drink of water. According to the state's filing in the case, McNair then took Riley's purse from the kitchen counter and he and Grimsley left the house. The next morning, after Riley's body was found, McNair admitted killing her when questioned by a sheriff's deputy.

Pat Jones and her brothers Calvin, Don, John, Bobby and Wayne were on hand to watch McNair die. The six were able to do so because Gov. Bob Riley, no relation to the victim, had signed into law a bill allowing up to six members of crime victim's family to watch the perpetrator's execution.

Before today's signing, Alabama law allowed only two witnesses for the victim, and only two for person to be executed.

Jones said she had written McNair a few months ago, and that in his reply, he had expressed remorse for her mother's death.

Carolyn Glanton, McNair's youngest sister, said the family wanted her brother, whom they called "Chubby," to be remembered as a "happy and lovable person.

"Chubby has a real good heart," Glanton said before her brother died. "If anybody . . . really knew him, they'd know how good a person he is."

McNair turned down breakfast this morning and limited himself to only sodas during the day. In his will, McNair left a check for $1.11 to one of his attorneys, Randy Susskind.

McNair also left several of his belongings to fellow Death Row inmates. He gave a television to Robin Myers; a radio and headphones to Michael Ervin; a Bible to Earl McGahee; and a pair of white Nikes tennis shoes to Robert Ingram. McNair has had eight visitors during the day, including two of sisters and two of his attorneys.

Susskind and Donald Blocker, McNair's spiritual adviser, are the only two witnesses he has requested to watch his execution this evening.

McNair was the fourth Death Row inmate to be executed in Alabama this year. Another inmate, Jack Trawick, is scheduled to die on June 11 for the murder of Stephanie Gach in Birmingham.  SOURCE


  1. Another one bites the dust! :-)

  2. Anonymous00:34

    I am glad he got executed. But it was to quick. And to painless. He should have had to suffer.

  3. Ever notice how the news tries to humanize these monsters?

    They should list his crime and how many volts they put up his arse.


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