Friday, May 01, 2009

Executions for the month of May

5OK Donald Gilson
8SCThomas Ivey
13FLJohn Marek
14 AL Willie McNair
19TX Michael Lynn Riley
20MOMichael Skillcorn
27 FL David Johnston


  1. Damn...Florida is beating us! Time to work in double shifts.

  2. Where are you finding the info on scheduled executions, Admiral?

    I'll bet we're in 50th place...

  3. Anonymous11:28

    Lots of trash on death row needs to be taken out.

  4. Of course my state (CA) is nowhere on the radar.

  5. It's a crying shame that Wesley Cook is STILL sitting on death row, and with all the liberals in PA, he'll likely be there until he dies. That bastard should have been fried LONG ago for taking Officer Faulkner's life.

    Geez, give the PPD some peace of mine and inject him already. And btw, I refuse to call him by the name that has made him famous and has lberals trying to save his life.

    His name is Wesley Cook and he's a scumbag that should be 6ft under.

    Thanks for all the updates on the scheduled executions.


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