Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dennis Skillicorn Executed

This was a multiple murderer and he was executed way too mercifully.
BONNE TERRE, Mo. – Missouri early Wednesday executed a man who killed a good Samaritan who had stopped on the road to help him, ending a nearly four-year period without an execution in the state. Texas, meanwhile, executed its 15th prisoner this year.

PhotobucketDennis Skillicorn, 49, received an injection at 12:23 a.m. at the prison in Bonne Terre and died 11 minutes later. It was the first execution in Missouri since Marlin Gray was put to death in October 2005.

Executions in Missouri had been on hold shortly after Gray's death as the courts decided whether lethal injection in general, and the state's three-drug method in particular, violated constitutional protections against cruel and unusual punishment.

Skillicorn mouthed words to his wife and two spiritual advisers as the first drug was administered to him. Soon, he appeared unconscious.

As part of a new protocol, curtains in witness viewing areas were then closed for about two minutes while medical staff checked to make sure that Skillicorn was unconscious and that the catheters were working properly. Once confirmed, the next two drugs were administered, and he was pronounced dead a short time later.

In 1994, a car carrying Skillicorn, Allen Nicklasson and Tim DeGraffenreid stalled along Interstate 70 north of Fulton in Callaway County.

Drummond, from the northwestern Missouri town of Excelsior Springs, stopped to help, but was forced at gunpoint to drive the men toward Kansas City. On the way, the men stopped in a rural area, and Nicklasson shot Drummond in the back of the head.   SOURCE


  1. I used to think it would be difficult to be a death row executioner back when I was a kid brainwashed by the bleeding heart MSM.

    After reading about all these heinous crimes I think I could easily pull that switch.

  2. I say flush all of these human turds in short order!

    The length of time it takes to get rid of these animals in our 'justice system' is appalling!

  3. Forgive me if I seem short-sighted to some but I used to think that the death penalty made sense yet now I disagree. Two wrongs do not make a right. "Thou shalt not kill". There is no gray area there. It is very easy for me to say this in a sense because I have been fortunate not to have experienced the sort of pain that comes with violent crime and I thank God every day for that. It used to amaze me how victims could forgive their assailants but at this point in my life I think I can see where they are coming from. I hope and pray all of you are protected and safe from any and all harm always in Jesus' name.

  4. I understand Red's comment, & I admit to having conflicted feelings about capital punishment. (By & large, I support it. The issue of guilt vs. innocence solves any "inconsistency" in being simultaneously Pro-life & Pro-capital punishment.)

    I just checked in my Bible (NIV), & Exodus 20:13 reads, "You shall not murder." That, in my mind, is different from 'kill'. Like Red, I have never suffered a loss like these families, but my in-law's best friends lost their daughter to a serial rapist/murderer. They were glad the he received the death penalty, & I can't say I blame them. Two 'wrongs' don't make a right. But first, 'wrong' is debatable here, & second I still can't blame them for being glad...

    In the end, that same guy will never get my children like he got theirs...

  5. Oh, & Red, thank you very much for the prayer you offered.

  6. "Executions in Missouri had been on hold shortly after Gray's death as the courts decided whether lethal injection in general, and the state's three-drug method in particular, violated constitutional protections..." yeah, yeah, yada, yada, yada.

    Hey, it's a Cocktail To Hell. Ya want a straw with it? That's the only question that should be asked.

  7. Red, in the Old Testament the death penalty was proscribed for a multitude of offenses, not just murder. For most of recorded history there were no prisons. Just temporary holding for a very short time until the trial/hearing. After that, off you go to your just deserts.

    If you committed a crime you were killed, or had a limb hacked off, or were made a slave. No 8x8 cell with 3 hots and a cot and decades to mull over your crimes. You did your mulling on your way to the chopping block.

  8. Anonymous11:09

    I agree with Deadman........... The intent and spirit of the law was to deter the murder of innocent victims. For every action there is a consequence. Even with the death penalty in place in most states, it shows that these lawless, sociopath's have no regard for human life and law. The only thing they have a regard for is themselves, and how they can use the law to their benefit to get out of their crime.

    Imagine a world with out consequences............ It would make Mad Max the movie look like a Disney Flick.

  9. "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the ten commandments.

    I'm certainly not in the position of or even wanting to debate biblical ordinance with anyone especially on so hot a topic as this and it isn't my intent to alienate anyone who feels that these perps are getting their just desserts. All I'm saying is that this is how my views on the death penalty have evolved over time and that even so like Susannah, I experience conflict because like I mentioned previously, I have been in a fortunate position of not having to deal with anyone close to me being victimized by violent crime.

  10. And you're welcome Susannah. Not to be 'polyanna' or unrealistic but a little more thoughtful, heartfelt prayer in our lives and for each other could only help.

  11. You're welcome, Red. And it's certainly not 'polyanna' or unrealistic to offer prayer - you've read my blog, right? :) We need it/Him now more than ever.

    Capital Pun. is a tricky issue. Very sincere, thoughtful people can be on both sides. Like me, who mostly favors it, but acknowledges conflict, & my husband, who is of the "if they did it, fry 'em" variety of thought.

    I can also sort of understand the 'bleeding heart' point of view. But then, laws are meant to keep social order, etc. What kind of society would we have if SOMEONE didn't exact justice? If SOMETHING didn't stand between evil & the innocent?

  12. This is a many layered subject for some and cut and dry for others indeed.


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