Monday, April 27, 2009

You know what Monday is

If only the Acorn Volunteers looked like this?


  1. Um, I know! It's "shit on Obama's head" day!

  2. Wouldn't mind leaving a pile or 2 for him myself. Kind of return the favor given he's shitting on America.

  3. The monkey shit is the same color as O-hole. Hmmmmmm, monkey shit wigger.

  4. Monkey shitting on Obama is the epitome of redundancy :)

    Here is a typical Acorn volunteer


  5. lmaooo ya did it again. made me laugh on my monday morning.....

    LOVE the pics. Especially the monkey dung one!!

  6. Love the first two pics... That last one? Ewwww!!!

    You know you're a bigot now, too, right? ;)

  7. The Obamabots will be knocking down our doors any minute now because we laughed at a chimp pooing on his head. Thought crime!

  8. I welcome the Obamabots. They will be in for a surprise. I got a good laugh out of the pictures.

  9. The chimp is not pooing on his head. He is instilling another load of liberal logic. That is why we have the smartest administration ever


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