Monday, April 06, 2009

Yet another honor killing

The religion of peace strikes again.

Jordan's Criminal Court has charged a 19-year-old man with stabbing to death his sister in what is believed to be an honor killing.

Judge Jihad al-Dridi charged the man Monday with premeditated murder and the possession of a dangerous weapon.

Al-Dridi said the man confessed to repeatedly stabbing his 22-year-old sister to cleanse the family honor because she left the house too often.

Why don't more moonbats in The United States worry about this or even show the slightest outrage over these types of killings?

The victim is the eighth person to be killed in honor crimes this year.

About 20 women are killed annually in Jordan by male relatives. The conservative society tolerates the killings and perpetrators often receive light sentences.

The name of the man and the victim were not revealed due to the sensitivity of the case.

Honor Killing


  1. Funny that you never hear nation of Islam leader Louis Farakoon talk about this.

    I guess it's always best to not bite the hand that feeds.

  2. Honor killings? That just doesn't sound right to me. Cowardly murders sounds more like it.

    These women are murdered for trying to have a life of their own while the killer himself has probably "sinned" more than the victim. What justice.

  3. Anonymous15:42

    those people have more loose screws than the Fasteners aisle in Home Depot.

  4. Yet the media goes bug nuts over a buncha ragheads being forced to wear their undies over their ears and climb nekked on top of each other in a Pyramid O'Ignorance. This was prolly the first time these dumb SOB's prolly ever wore underwear in their lives and for the life of them couldn't figure out where the tighty whities went.

    But stab yer sister 22 times in the eye because some other raghead looked at her in a prior lifetime and nothing because HEY! somethingshiny MichelleObamahas arms!


  5. Anonymous00:11

    I have said it before and I will say it again, we need to change our laws unfortunately to incorporate these fucking psycho's so they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, they live by the sword, they die by it.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment~ Thought I had you on my blog list too...fixed!

  7. I would kill my kids if they stayed home... not for goin' out to often. Stooopid.

  8. Anonymous16:44

    As I have said repeatedly, Islam really isn't a religion- it's more like a stone-age death cult.

  9. "Stone-Age Death Cult"...HAH!
    Love it! The sad thing is they want to drag us down to that level.
    Squish them like the vermin they are....


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