Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Obama Machine Attacks

This Government is growing faster than Michael Moore's waistline while attending a Krispy Kreme eat off.

The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people".

I have no faith in Charlie Crist. I have serious doubts that Gov. Crist has the stones do what Governor Rick Perry of Texas did when he backed a Resolution Affirming Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment. Gov. Crist has been all about getting as much of the free (read as "to be paid by the next couple of generations") cash as he can. He is a tree hugging environmentalist RINO.

In other News . . .

It seems the Department of Homeland Security has issued a report. This report makes it appear that everyone I know, the blogs I read and gun owners are a Homeland Security threat. I find it amusing that this report does not address Muslim terrorists cells that are in the country. Instead the Obama administration targets people that go to Tea Parties and purchase guns.

I also understand the Gadsden Flag is another sign of the radical right extremists.

The country I remember has gone mad with Obama at the helm. It is his ship of fools sailing full speed for the rocks of change, and not the change President Teleprompter is going to want.

Kooky little bitches.

I would never call Ladies acting in a dignified manner "bitches", but wear a bathing suit, climb in a cage while showing solidarity with chickens will end you up in a Kooky Chicken Coop known as San Francisco. Don't these bitches know that working on an egg farm is hard enough work without running around God's green countryside picking up eggs laid indiscriminately all over the place. When they are confined to a cage, all they have to do is lay eggs, no roosters or other distractions. This way immigrant (illegal alien) workers do not get lost walking around the chicken farm looking for eggs. It is so hard to find quality immigrant (illegal alien) workers nowadays. You would think that it would be easy since the lower border is "Obama" closed.

And now a word from President Teleprompter:


  1. Hooray for Perry.

    Boo for the Chicken brained idiots.

    Boo for Crist.

    Screw Obongo in his goat ass.

  2. Anonymous20:20

    Be careful now,the Fatherland Security is now watching us right-wing radicals and conservatives. For we might do something radical like,um...tel the damn truth.

  3. Anonymous20:23

    Sorry,forgot to rag on Gov. Crist,who is a freaking RINO and who's behavior is the reason why many conservatives are leaving the party.

  4. Forget the Tea Parties. We need necktie parties.

  5. It seems the Department of Homeland Security has issued a report. This report makes it appear that everyone I know, the blogs I read and gun owners are a Homeland Security threat.I would like to be perceived as a threat. A threat to those in our government who have a complete disregard for our Constitution and what this country is all about, beginning with the O-hole himself.

  6. Like to drop a real snake in the cages with the chick-bos,bet they'd lay some eggs.As for Crist,met him several yrs ago,when he was runnin for one of many different State offices,he has campaigned for,wanted to go wash my right hand, immediately.Professional pol,to the core.I do believe this Homeland Security report,is just the beginning,its gonna get worse.Time to stay very alert.

  7. Some days, I wish my state (Texas) would stop doing the right thing so that people would stop emigrating here. That said, God Bless Texas.

    At the rate people are moving here, we can secede any day now and be a country again.

  8. We voice outrage and concern and we are dangerous(ohhhhh). They (the lefties) stage riots and threatened Bush's life but they are considered OK by Homeland Security? Dear Lord. We must get our act together for 2012. Find a presidential candidate to kick Obama's oppressive ass out of the White House!

    And those "women" in the chicken cages... I bet you they have never smelled the wonderful odor of chickens. If they had I can guarantee you that they would never want to eat a Obama Chicken Finger again.

  9. I think the chicks in the cages should be suspended just barely out of reach over the exercise yard of Attica Maximum Security Prison.
    Get the boys to work on their vertical leaping.

  10. Anonymous22:28

    sig94 good idea.
    As for creeping Charlie no guts.
    I am a radical also.


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