Friday, April 17, 2009

I hear a can of Whoop Ass opening in Arizona

I remember voting for Sheriff Joe Arpaio the first time when he was newly elected.  Ahh, the good old days.

Now, on to the story. 

Race Pimp Al Sharpton has stepped in a big pile of Arizona Whoop-Ass. There may not be enough of Fat Al Sharpton to bury in a match box after this blunder.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. civil rights activist Al Sharpton weighed into a fight over an Arizona sheriff's immigration sweeps on Tuesday, accusing him of racially profiling Hispanics and urging him to step down.

The Race Pimp is loaded with accusations for any occasion. Just ask him.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dispatched deputies into Hispanic communities in the Phoenix area, where they stop people and arrest anyone who cannot prove he or she is a legal U.S. resident.

Under a deal allowing them to enforce federal immigration laws, the deputies have arrested more than 1,500 people who they determined were in Arizona illegally, triggering street protests and condemnation from Latino activists who accuse him of racial profiling.
If there is one thing this country needs when looking for illegal aliens is a little racial profiling. It works for serial killers so why not for scum sucking illegal aliens too. Most whites are not illegal aliens so why waste your time asking them? Jose over there just may be, and if he gives you "tude" bust his ass anyway. The Maricopa County Jail is always open and there is plenty of space at Tent City. A visit to Tent City will cure what ever criminal malady you may have.

The Race Pimp resumes:
"I am first calling for the resignation and or removal of Sheriff Arpaio ... harassment based on color is nothing short of racial profiling, which many of us ... helped to fight to make against the law," Sharpton told reporters.
I wish the Race Pimp would just put a sock in it.
U.S. Department of Justice officials recently launched an inquiry into Arpaio's activities. The U.S. House Judiciary Committee also held hearings last week about the federal program that allows for such enforcement tactics.

I hate to say it but this is a States Right issue, Not a job for America's leading Race Pimp.

Some more from the Race Pimp:
"Arpaio needs to be confronted, he needs to be removed. ... We also need to suspend the law that he is using. We must stand with our brown brothers and sisters," Sharpton said.
Get a load of the load this deluded Race Pimp is spewing. He needs some new material.
Sharpton said he would travel to Arizona to make his case.

Arpaio, who has held the job since 1992, called charges he carries out racial profiling of Hispanics ridiculous.
Now we get see that huge can of Whoop-Ass get opened.
"I'm never going to resign," he said. "The guy is living in a fantasy land if he thinks he is going to pressure me into anything. He doesn't even know where Arizona is."  SOURCE

Joe Arpaio is very good at dealing with idiots and Race Pimps.


  1. This sheriff reminds me of my daddy. As for blackie, he can go pound O-hole's ass.

  2. I wish more of America would mirror Sheriff Joe's actions. Then we wouldn't have such a problem in the first place. Race Pimp need to back the eff and stick to what he knows best: hating the Jews like the good little anti-Semite that he is while pickpocketing the morality of his own race per usual.

  3. Race Pimp need to back the eff and stick to what he knows best: hating the JewsI'd rather be hated by someone with half a brain at least, thankyouverymuch!

  4. WTF is with Blogger running sentences together whenever you use HTML code for italics lately?


  5. Al hates everyone, even the Latinos. He just wants to be at the center of a supposed race issue.

    Hey, if we had an influx of Frenchmen illegally entering the US I would want the Sheriff to question every beret wearing, snail eating person. I'm an equal opportunity illegal alien remover.

  6. Brown brothers and sisters...I'd like to see Al the race baiter walk into a Latino bar and call them "brothers" HA!

    How the hell else are you going to find an illegal alien? Sharpton wants Arpaio to go after blonde blue eyed illegal aliens? Preposterous!

    We need a thousand more Arpaios. And several million less Sharptons.

  7. Anonymous13:17

    I guess since there is a black president now, rev al the race baiting pimp doesnt have much to scream about lately, he might be losing funds..........So lets take up the cause of the Mexicans he dislikes and dislike him. Anything for a buck!!

    Now for Sheriff Joe. I think Sheriff Joe should run for a HIGHEER OFFICE............... This man has done the job right, is a proud American, one of the toughest son of a bitches out there. He is the modern JOHN WAYNE.

  8. Anonymous13:17

    I hope Sharpton goes and spits on the sidewalk while he's there. I'm sure the Sheriff can find a pair of bloomers to fit him.

  9. Anonymous16:39

    Racial Profiling? I don't know the stats, but I'm pretty sure there aren't very many Asians crossing from Mexico into Arizona. Who the hell ELSE would he looking for? Sharpton's the only one consistently playing the race card.

  10. Anonymous22:22

    We need several thousand men like Sheriff Joe.

  11. CPD beat me to it... It's ALL about money, he doesn't give a crap about the people... Go JOE!

  12. I wish Sheriff Joe would slap that bitch Sharpton up side the haid with his muh-fuggin super-sized megaphone!

  13. I love that picture of Al Sharpton

  14. Don't know about elsewhere, but around here the black folks despise the Mexicans. They're infringing on their territory and grabbing up benefits left and right.

    The Mexicans don't seem overly thrilled with the blacks either.

    Although the blacks despise them, they're scared of them too. So Alley-Oop may be trying to suck up to them a bit with his "We're here for you brother" bullshit.

  15. people like Sharpton, Jessie jackson and that other twit, cant remember his name, make their money off the backs of minorities and they feed on discontent. If their wasnt any discontent they wouldnt be needed. I heard a story concerning the assasination of MLK jnr that Jackson made sure he was there and actually smeared the blood of MLK Jnr all over his shirt, like he was anointing himself the next leader of this movement. I think he blew that after the nasty comments about de balling Obama. There is a lot of jealousy there.

    Whilst I can agree, that black people were treated abysmally, and reformation was needed, we now have the first African American president in office. I dont hear any of these people that are the first to start screaming racist applauding that, in fact you will never hear it, because it means they are not needed. so onto the Mexicans it seems where there is much fodder.

  16. also..we need more people like that sherrif, but if I were him I would be careful of an assasins bullet.

  17. oh, and that gif you have of the black kid screaming thats racist!! Is that Al Sharptons nephew or something?


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