Saturday, March 14, 2009

What will happen after three strikes?

How hard can it be to keep your "nose" out of the "nose candy" when you are making a huge piles of money in the NFL?
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A day after a teammate is sentenced to jail time, the Jaguars' leader on the football field spoke out about his top wide receiver's latest arrest.

Police arrested Matt Jones after he failed a drug test -- a violation of the plea deal he reached last year when officers charged him with cocaine possession. The Jaguars receiver was ordered to spend a week in jail in Arkansas for the violation.

In court in Washington County, Jones slowly banged his head against a wall. He told the judge, " I made a bad decision, a dumb decision. It was definitely a dumb mistake on my part."

Jones admitted to a judge that he recently drank beer with friends on a golf course.

After failing a routine drug test, Jones was ordered to spend the rest of the week behind bars.

Seems like Matt might need to quickly bang his head on the wall this time. Here is his arrest report.
After learning of the football player's admittance, his teammate David Garrard said it gets tougher every time to continue to support someone who keeps making mistakes.

Last season, the NFL suspended Jones after he was arrested by Arkansas police on charges of cocaine possession. At that time, a judge agreed to send Jones' case to drug court, where he was allowed to undergo an intervention program and serve 30 hours of community service to avoid serving any time in jail.

Garrard said he has kept in contact with the troubled receiver all winter.

"I did talk to him last week, though, and I've been doing that all offseason, and I'm just trying to keep up with him … I was hoping he wouldn't have anymore altercations, and hopefully this is the last one," Garrard said.

When Jones is released on Sunday, he is expected to immediately return to Jacksonville to report to Jaguars strength and conditioning training, where he can still expect the support of his quarterback.

"He did make another mistake and I just want to be here for him to encourage him. You know, we still believe in him. Hopefully, from this day forward he can just, you know, keep his nose clean," Garrard said. "Hopefully, being in jail for a week will straighten him out. I'm sure he has some kind of program that I'm sure he's going to have to be in once he gets out. Hopefully, that will straighten his life out because he does need help, and obviously we don't give up on him here and we still continue to fight for him and have his back here."
Keep his nose clean?  FAIL, major FAIL.
Monday Jones told the judge the drinking incident was his final slip-up. He said no one would have to worry about him anymore because he wouldn't make another mistake.
Final means different things to different people.
Jones now faces disciplinary action from both the Jaguars and the NFL. A spokesman from the NFL front office said it is aware of the situation and is looking into it.  SOURCE
This year should be interesting,  there is lots of excitement, already.


  1. Anonymous12:13


  2. People get too many chances sometimes. And, too many chances= no accountabilty.


  3. Redneck with money= stupidity... Throw in football, and no rules, MAJOR stupidity

  4. And his excuse probably is that a career in sports is stressful. Aww, sniff-sniff.

    Seriously, if I was a multi-millionaire like these guys I would be stress free for life.

  5. Elm, Amen to that! If I ever win the lottery, you'll be able to find me in a secluded cabin in the mountains somewhere--in a LUXURY (and I do mean luxury) log cabin.


  6. There should be three Divisions in the NFL. The AFC, the NFC and the RFC.

    In the Rehab Football Conference the coin toss is won by the team captain with the dirtest urine test.

  7. You fail a drug test, boot them off the team. Who many chances are they expected to get? It's not fair to everyone else that plays by the rules.

    They blew it so let them suffer the consequenses.

  8. He will probably be picked up by the BUCs,they seem to gravitate to problem players. But since the Gruden,Allen departure,maybe not? Like sig94's three league concept.

  9. Anonymous13:30

    Cocaine is God's way of telling you that you make to much money.


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