Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What is great about Bike Week in Daytona

Call me strange but there are times when crime scene tape is kinda sexy, this is one of these times.  It would bring a new meaning to "Investigating the crime scene".

Here is the NSFW Link for other pictures.


  1. Anonymous18:19

    I've attended bike week on several occasions. It's quite a spectacle to say the least. One of my favorite passtimes was watching the cole slaw wrestling. My purest thoughts were, "How the heck are they gonna get all that slaw outta those spots".
    Bon Appetite

  2. Yeah, go investigate that, be beware of the bottle in her hand :-)

  3. Dirty old man...

  4. Anonymous13:01

    I will be willing to check for finger prints.

  5. I'm sure the gentlemen were in heaven. ;

  6. Dirty old man...

    I didn't think Admiral was old...


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