Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What I learned Yesterday

The first time having to attend the Juror Process here in Jacksonville I learned the following things in no particular order:
  • No matter how close you crowd people together most of them still will not have anything pleasant to say.
  • I can still be led around like "one of the herd".
  • No matter how many times you tell people to turn off their cell phones, half of them think that it does not mean "Them". These people will be sitting right beside you. The judge seems to have no sense of humor on this point especially when he has just reminded everyone that they were to be turned off before entering his court.
  • No matter what time you get there, a lot of "close quarters sitting around" will be required.
  • None of the people I sat near seemed to be morning people. Zombie is the word I would use.
  • Some people will doze off when the jury pool is being questioned by the attorneys. Sleepy was not selected as a juror for the trial, Grumpy was though.
  • The only people coughing up lungs will be on either side of you, or in front and behind you. To remedy this I tried to cough louder and attempted to send spittle all over them.
  • If there is someone with hygiene problems or smelly clothes, they will sit nearest you. It was a blessing it was so cold today and the room had a nice chill. It still was not able to keep some funk from "floating about".
  • Wearing a flag lapel pin will earn you an automatic ticket to attend the trial as a Juror. I also think wearing the proper attire adds to the chance of selection too.
  • There are precious few change machines near the vending machines. This means if you bring enough change you have to unload your pockets of all metal items to get through both security stations. A gentleman in front of me had about 15 dollars in change. After the fourth try he managed to empty his pockets.
  • Never be one of the first 7 jurors by number, 85% of the first 7 was selected to participate as a juror. I was number 3.
  • Having a prostate radiation treatment is not a good enough reason to get out of jury duty.
  • The Courthouse in Jacksonville was built during the Eisenhower administration. It is still a nuclear safe site in case of attack.
  • Everyone that works for the Clerk of the Courts in appearance seemed to have great attitudes.
It was truly an interesting day spent in the Courthouse. The next day I spend there is on the 4th. I will get to see my first trial.


  1. Closest I came so far was getting hauled into court for not showing. They actually sent a summons to my house. I figured I better not ignore that request.

    What I learned was that leniency is granted to those like me who didn't try to bullshit the judge by saying they never got the notice.

    I told him straight up I blew it off because I didn't want to go. He laughed, then only levied court costs. other people were getting fined. A lot.

    Court can be very entertaining...

  2. Sounds like an interesting day. I still don't think they can fine or jail you for being too poor to buy appropriate clothes. But then again who knows. I would think they would be happy if you just showed up.

  3. Anonymous09:05

    Nice AAR of jury duty. Depending on your views, sadly or thankfully,I've never been chosen for a jury, but eliminated during the voir dire process. Perhaps it is my believe in capital punishment that does it?

  4. Anonymous10:56

    Yes you may repost and if you may send me your email for further correspondence.

  5. Anonymous11:59

    Laughed at your blog, but it is ohhhhh so true. I hated jury duty. I had to do it once. It was a car accident personal injury thing......

    The rest of the jury was ready to award, the person who was hit what she wanted...... I noticed something amiss with the license plate...... I asked for the photo's of the wreck be brought in and the actual license plate the attorney brought to court as evidence...... Ummmmm well, the attorney had egg all over his face.......The plates were not the same!! Different letters and numbers. The attorney kept waving the plate in court showing how crushed it was in the impact of the accident. Waving the metal around.

    It was priceless when we went back in to the courtroom and the judge told them what time it was....... Boy was that attorney pissed.... lmao

  6. Diller12:09

    Had Federal jury duty over in Tampa a few yrs ago,they seem to be more serious about dress code than county courts. Last time I got summoned for county,thought I was at a beach Bar,casual to say the least. Hope you have an interesting trial,makes it move along quicker.

  7. I've only had local circuit duty and then it was grand jury every time. For the most part, I enjoyed it as the bulk of the cases were hilarious. (Especially the one guy charging his ex with robbery, 'cause when she moved out, she took her recliner and she KNEW he kept all his money hid in that recliner!)

    I got out of it when I was 39.5 weeks preggers too...don't think they wanted to be birthin' no babies in the court room. ;)

    May whatever case you end up on at least be interesting & I hope they pay more than they do here- $25/day here. Enough to buy lunch and gas. Wheeee!

  8. I always showed up in uniform... I was immediately dismissed :-)

  9. Mebbe you'll get a pornography trial.... something to look at anyways.

  10. I served once on a jury when I was 19. Then I was called again 10 years ago. I was asked by a lawyer if I was related to a certain person and I said, yes I am. He's my dad. Needless to say I was dismissed. Funny thing is my dad had raked this lawyer over the coals some time back and told him he would take him out on his sailboat and use him for shark bait. Dads' you got to love them!

  11. Anonymous13:04

    Being a former Correctional Officer.I an not wanted on juries.


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