Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vote Man, not Earth

Right now most of the hippy moonbats are sitting in the dark during earth hour in silent lucidity.

It does not appear the the major networks are turning off during earth hour either. It is March Madness after all.

Not me,

I on the other hand am enjoying the wonders of a technologically advanced civilization. I have everything on. At 8:00 PM I will be watching COPS and waiting to see a hippie/druggie/moonbat get tasered or at least tuned up.

 I will be turning all 57 bulbs in the house to the "ON" position.

Life is good and I am enjoying it now because, when President Teleprompter is done with his agenda we may all be sitting in the dark with nothing to do except thinking about how this empty suit won an presidential election.

Do the right thing tomorrow and swear at a moonbat.


  1. Speaking of Al Gore and his Faux-bel Prize, it's a damn shame that Irena Sendler lost to that tool :

  2. That pic of Pelosi gives me the fucking heeby jeebies...

  3. Why does that skanky broad always look like someone just hit her in the ass with a shovel?

  4. Funny pics.

    Pelosi has that facial expression because it's permanently botoxed on her face.

  5. I wish I could swear at a moonbat, but where I live there is a serious lack of them. I will have to scream at your Al Gore pic instead. ;-)

  6. Anonymous12:15

    we left the lights on even when we werent home!!! take that you moon bats.......

    On the same subject but different, how many in the rough ghetto's shut their lights out??? LOL. None I am sure, but they were Acorn voters for Obama right????

  7. My moonbat neighbor caught me coming in last night and was "concerned" because I leave lights on timers when I'm on the road... sigh... She is also scared because I have guns and ammunition in the house!

  8. We had the lights off, but the tv and computers were on. It was DD's homework project.
    Where do you find these pictures?

  9. Anonymous19:40

    All of my lights computers and tvs were on. I even lite a candle or two.


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