Monday, March 16, 2009

Trouser Tyrany

After a suggestion that I might want try a different style of garment. It might be liberating working in the yard, chopping wood and all sorts of busy work activities in it.

So I present to you, the kilt.

Brought to you by Utilikilts.
Kilts in public:
The Bay City Rollers
Sean Connery
James Doohan
Roddy Piper
Liam Neeson --- Rob Roy
Duncan McLeod
Mel Gibson ---- Sir William Wallace
Mike Myers
Ewan McGregor
Samuel L. Jackson
Ladies Hostess Kilt
Ladies formal
Rather informal but nice
Watch those breezes guys.

The American National Tartan.

Here are 110 reasons to wear a kilt.


  1. Heh- I'll pass, they are a hair drafty in the winter... :-)

  2. Have lived a lifetime wearin 501 Levis,or cowboy cut Wranglers,don't know what I'd do with all that new found freedom, if I wore a Kilt? Probably be in jail,for indecent exposure,the way I like to elevate my tired ol feet when I sit down.

  3. Oh baby. Happy St. Andrew's Day.

  4. Anonymous00:27

    Where would I put my Glock?


    Here’s to it!
    The fighting sheen of it,
    The yellow, the green of it,
    The white, the blue of it,
    The swing, the hue of it,
    The dark, the red of it,
    Every thread of it!

    The fair have sighed for it,
    The brave have died for it,
    Foeman sought for it,
    Heroes fought for it.
    Honour the name of it,
    Drink to the fame of it -
    The TARTAN!

    just a celt tossing in his 2 cents

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The 3 cheerleaders look just fine to me in those kilts

  8. Anonymous09:00

    Because if it ain't Scottish,then it is crap.

    Now where is my haggis.

  9. I'll take Liam, thankyouverymuch! Ummmmm....

  10. It looks like those guys in that bottom picture are trying to recreate the Marilyn Monroe "look what I've got" look.

    Could they at least where some undies? Please?

  11. Kilts only work if you're splitting someone's head open with a broadsword. Or if they're being worn by Catholic schoolgirls. Oh wait, those are skirts.

    Anyway, working in the yard in a kilt? Tres gay...

  12. Yeah, Not much head splitting going on here as of late. I hear they don't do too well in the soupy Florida climate. I don't figure I need climate change anywhere else, especially down there.

    LOL, Tres gay, Not ever.

  13. Liam Neeson is a hero of mine, Mel Gibson is a punk

  14. Love the kilts! I'm w/ Conserv. Scal. on the Scottish thing...

    H2O if there's undies, then it ain't authentic!

    LtoDebate - I suppose Liam'll do in a rush. :) Mel's been a bit confused lately, but he ROCKED as Braveheart. Long live William Wallace (now THERE's a hero)!

    Anybody ever read Born Fighting, James Webb? Excellent read, even if he is a Dem.

    Love the pics., Admiral.


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