Monday, March 02, 2009

I am off to Jury Duty.

I apoligize to everyone for neglecting to follow you guys this weekend but it was hectic weekend with lots to do.

Here is a link about how I feel about my duty as a citizen.

Later gang!


  1. Hopefully the trial won't last as long as O.J. Simpson's. :-)

  2. Good luck with the jury duty thing. I have never been called for jury duty, ever. knock on wood
    I wonder what would happen if you dress inappropriately?

    My Cousin Vinny - Great movie!!

  3. Yep,9 hours you will never be able to get back,down the toliet. Hope ya have a book to read and change for the vending machines.

  4. Go in hollering, "Hang 'em all!" and I imagine they'll let you go really quickly. ;)

  5. PattyAnn13:33

    It's the wife here, with a jury duty update. Lawyers can't resist veterans on juries, so of course the admiral got picked. I guess our excellent excuse didn't turn out to be so excellent after all.

    Oh, and he was VERY appropriately dressed! Probably another thing that got him picked. . . .

  6. Yeah; Back again on Wednesday.

  7. I guess you behaved yourself...

    Good boy.


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