Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Blog Posts

I am sick and tired of the Obama and his American Idol like presence on TV. It seems like every prime time when I turn on the TV I see the Wizard of Uhh, errr. There is a great post about the Obama and his love of being the New Star of Prime Time.

The next one is in the field of human endeavor. I found this little gem over at Moonbattery.


  1. Anonymous06:18

    This guy is going be worst than Clinton when it comes to the love affair with the camera and kool-aide drinking media.

  2. Thank you for the plug. Much appreciated.

  3. Hopefully with people's short attention spans, Obama will go the way of Spuds McKenzie and the California Raisins.

  4. Earth Hour? Shouldn't we be celebrating man's achievements in the fields of technology instead of reminiscing about the good ole caveman days? I'll keep my air conditioning and microwave, thank you.

  5. Where does it end... sigh...

  6. Hammer: WOW! Taking it waaaaay back to the old school, Ha!

    Admiral: "The Wizard of Uhhh", HAHAHAHA! That's awesome. Good times :-)

  7. Anonymous12:26

    Thank You SO much for the plug my friend.

  8. Anonymous10:07

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Anonymous08:40

    Please delete that racist's post above.
    He is a disgusting piece of crap.

  10. "Bad Cold
    Posting will be just what I have scheduled from last week."

    Feel better and come back soon.


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