Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Since When does the leader of the Free World only mention Freedom once in his address?

He managed to get the word "Government" in seven times. Does this mean seven times more government? Get ready for a Government of Legendary Proportions and a tax bill to match.

I started to watch the One and his address to Al-Qongress. I just could not take the Media and their slobbering all over his much anticipated headlong run into the Pit Of Despair known as Socialism.

Just watching the orgasmic Pre-Lie-Fest warm up almost put me into a diabetic coma. I had to crawl into the kitchen and drink a gallon and a half of orange juice before I had the strength to turn off the Obama Lie Box (TV set) and end Katie Couric's twaddle about how great this was going to be. This girl has some well fed thighs. No wonder she hated Sarah Palin so much.

I figured I would save myself the hassle of listening to more of his lies.

So at this time, I choose to play the Chuck Norris Card. By playing this card everyone loses except Chuck Norris.

Since he won, he can restart by doing things the right way. Bitch slapping most everyone in the Al-Qongress is the best start I could imagine.

I actually tried to read the transcript of the speach but I FAILED!!

I got about this far:
But while our economy may be weakened and our confidence shaken, though we are living through difficult and uncertain times, tonight I want every American to know this: We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before. SOURCE
And that was it for me.


    1. And when Bush said we would become stronger the People screamed that he was a war-monger. When Obama says we are going to become stronger the People cheer.

      I luckily missed the speech. Doesn't sound like I missed anything important though.

    2. I was glad to be in A&P- where the teacher was telling us for some unrelated reason that everyone needed to learn to shoot a gun and get a CC license.

    3. Anonymous12:45

      They needed DROOL BUCKETS........... They were slobbering all over him and themselves....... I shook my head..

      The Louisiana Governor might not have had the best cadence, when he spoke, but look at his eyes...... He is one of us!!!! He is a man of color to immigrant parents....... He is the American Dream come true..... I was proud to listen to him, even though people bashed him.... He spoke from the heart, in a very difficult situation, after the drool fest and did his besst. His message was excellent and EXCELLENCE for this country!

    4. sigh... Glad I was working and missed the whole mess.

    5. Fuck O-Hole...

    6. My daughter texted me this morning, her base commander ordered everyone to Watch Obama's speech last night.

      Katie Couric *sigh*

      With those thighs she could crush your head like a melon, Admiral.

    7. Diller18:10

      My motto is!...Don't expect much,and your never disappointed, it should serve me well,with BO in office. Yeah,ol Katie's gettin a bit UNDERSLUNG. Wait till she has to share a desk with Rev. AL. She will probably stop droolin?

    8. Anonymous19:15

      The media is beyond carrying buckets of water,they have the entire water works worth.

      As for the body of lies The One tried to pass off as a speech,I could stomach it. So I went to bed early and -- you can fill the rest in.

    9. you made it further than me...
      i took one look at his face as he was walking in... the end.

    10. Anonymous13:49

      I was already sick. So to keep from getting sicker. I turned the liar box off.


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