Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A most bitchin sandwich

I present to you a culinary feat of unimaginable caloric intake.

Jasper's sandwich.

It did not end well for Jasper though. During the celebration
of the great sandwich Jasper fell down some damned stairs
and is in a complete state of amnesia and broke parts.

Lucky for Jasper the superhero
Garth Boobman of the outre limits performed a
mind-meld with what was left of Jasper and saved
the day while finishing what was left of the sandwich.


  1. The flip-flops totally make that outfit.

  2. Ummmm...

    You hang out with some strange people.

  3. That sandwich makes my tummy hurt. I'm still laughing at your version of a super hero. Some people will do almost to get attention. This guy/woman (not sure) proves that.

    Enjoy your warm gulf breezes. It's 21 degrees this morning. brrr

  4. I know, I just KNOW that Garth is using sticky fly strips as a thong.

  5. this just shows again, that some people have no business wearing spandex..
    that looks like a good sandwich. I love doorsteps.

  6. Anonymous12:43

    I am officially a fan of your site....... If you don't mind i am going to be a follower of your blog and add you to my blog roll.....

    Hugsss Pepper


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